World War Women - Rosie the Riveter

Friday, October 29, 2010

World War Two Women - Rosie the Riveter

All the day long,
Whether rain or shine
She’s part of the assembly line.
She’s making history,
Working for victory
Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter has become a real cultural icon of the United States,  Norman Rockwells recruitment poster unashamedly copying from soviet posters of the same period. American women who were not in the military turned up in their millions to do their bit for the war effort. Many worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and war supplies. Others took over vital jobs in postal services,including flying across country [ there were many women aviators who also headed over to Britain to fly for the RAF : more on those ladies in a later post ]

Rosie the Riveter quickly became a nickname for women working WW2 and is often used as a feminist icon. Sadly when the men returned after the war, it was back into the kitchen for the women again, but not for long!
Back in 2002, Norman Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter painting was auctioned by Sotheby's for nearly $5 million.And now some top class tutorials to get the Rosie look, starting with the amazing Lisa FreemontStreet

The Real Rosie Look ! - Lisa Freemont Street

The Rosie the Riveter look - Beyonce

 Rosie the Riveter Makeup Look

World War Fashion

Visit : World War Two Glamour

Also - 1940's Fashion - Women serving in the war.
And what happended to women after the war ? Check out A 1940's Housewifes Daily Routine.

1940s fashion was hugely influenced by World War Two. So much so that no one can discuss this decade's fashion without talking about the war. Women cut many corners to stay glamourous, and as many women took over the mens jobs, fashion changed to accomodate.
Womens trousers became the norm. Hair was tied up and turbans were all the rage. Even if a girl worked up to her glossed fingernails in grease and dirt,  it didnt stop her looking fabulous!
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Get the Mad Men Look

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Get the Mad Men Look !

See also 1950's Fashion - The Real Mad Men

Betty Draper, Joan Holloway and Peggy Olsen -  courtesy AMC
 Achieve the genuine 1950's and 1960's Make-up Look as actually taught to women of this era !
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Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson and Betty Draper are the style icons of this season. Played by Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones, whose character Betty started out in series one as a very mousy plain Jane these actresses under the guidance of show stylist Janie Bryant have begun to adorn walls of teenage girls all over the world.

Mad Men Stylist Janie Bryant - author of The Fashion File.

And now Janie Bryant [ above ]  has published a unique book called The Fashion File which will help women nail the look.
"Retro underwear is the key to getting the perfect silhouette" , according to Bryant."I love a longline bra because it totally smoothes the back and it's seamless. It's quite a piece of engineering."
Getting the right foundation garments is the only way to pull off the figure hugging, sultry secretary shape.

Betty Draper and ciggie - courtesy AMC

Peggy Olsen - courtesy AMC

According to show star Christina Hendricks " The first day I put on the retro undergarments and I was walking around the office like boom, boom, boom. I've always had a bit of a walk -- this girl's got
hips -- but on the show it's exaggerated."

 Joan Holloway in 'that' killer dress - image courtesy AMC

In Bryants " The Fashion File", she gives advice to ensure that a woman's clothes convey her personality, covering everything from where to find gorgeous  vintage clothing and accessories and how to pair
those authentic garments  with modern shoes and jeans etc .Learn how to find their perfect bra size, use color to convey a mood and so on.

Some style icons in late 1950's and early 1960's fashion.

Tippi Hedrin - 1962

Grace kelly with Audrey Hepburn

Witches Glamour - Halloween Fashion from 1900 to 1960

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Fashion ideas for the Modern Witch !

Witches have come a long way since Salem. As the 20th Century arrived, dressing up as a witch was becoming fashionable and even glamourous.This is an interesting photo timeline beginning with two amazingly gothic looking women from way back in 1900. Many of these images found from Sexy Witch , a blog dedicated to witches in film, art and fiction.Well worth a visit and extremely informative.

Witch Fashion 1900 

Witch Fashions 1912

Witch Fashions 1914

Witch Fashions 1926

Halloween Party Costume 1927

Witches Fashion  -1927

Hollywood Halloween - Clara Bow 1929

Halloween Glamour 1933 - Nancy Carroll

Witches Fashion -1938

 Wizard of Oz - 1939 - Margaret Hamilton

Glamour Witch 1940 - Anna Nagel

 Nail Gloss Witch - 1941

Glamour Witch 1942 - Ariel Heath

I married a witch -Veronica Lake 1942

Glamour Witch 1944 - Dusty Anderson

Glamour Witch -1947 -Ann Savage

Witches Glamour -Ava gardner 1946

Witches Glamour -Joyce Holden 1950

Witches Glamour -June Haver 1951

Ski Witches -1955

Bell Book and Candle -Kim Novak 1958

Bell Book and Candle -Kim Novak 1958

1940's fashion - Wardrobe Plan - How to dress accurately

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
An overview of a well dressed 1940's woman

Suit for Church, Street, business and Travel.
1940's fashion - A Young womans wardrobe Plan - 1947
1940's Fashion - Betty's Winter Wardrobe Plan 1948
1940's fashion - New York Women
1940's Fashion - Women's dress Code in the War Years
A 1940's Housewifes Daily Routine

1940's fashion - Wardrobe Overview
How often do you find your eyes enviously drawn to an attractively dressed woman in a pleasing frock, or suit, and who keeps her hair ' just right', her nails beautifully manicured, her makeup simple but appealing, her shoes fashionable, and above all has an air of graceful and feminine confidence about her? It would be nice to be that woman and have other women gazing at you enviously instead, wouldn't it? If you are a 1940's fashion enthusiast and you want to be ' just perfect ' in your chosen style, here's some vintage pointers for the everyday woman of the mid to late 1940's.

An attractive woman
1. Is appropriately dressed for every occasion.
2.Has good posture and attractive figure
3.Keeps herself well groomed.

1940's Fashion Film - How to Dress and Makeup

How to dress appropriately every day.

Appropriate clothes are suitable to the occasion, to the season, and to the time of day.

Street Clothes

These are general purpose fashionable attire worn to the office, when shopping, out on daily visits, or to college or when travelling.Skirts and pretty tunics are particularly satisfactory. Dresses should be long sleeved and high necked. Hats should be made from material that will not spot in the rain or snow, and should have a protective brim. Coats should be simply cut and trimmed and shoes should have sturdy low heels.

 Skirts and Blouses

Shoes - for street wear are practical: They may be oxfords or pumps, depending on the current style, but they
should be of low heels and fit up round the foot to give all day comfort. They can be in several colors. Dark wine red, dark blue or green, and try to match your jacket, cardigan or coat. Black shoes may be worn with black or blue coats and with dresses of black, blue, red or green. Brown shoes may be worn with brown or tan coats, and dresses of green, tan, red or brown.

 1940's Shoes

Hosiery - for street wear should not be sheer, fragile hose. Current styles indicate what colors of hosiery are suitable.

Jewelry - Do please be inconspicious. A class ring or pin and simple beads to harmonise with the costume.

Gloves - must harmonise with everything else you wear and be durable.

Dress Clothes

Are those worn to afternoon occasions, like parties, receptions, formal dinners etc.Such dresses typically will made of rayon, silk prints, and crepes, taffeta, organdy and voile. These of course are less simple than street clothes and frequently have curved lines, flares, ruffles, and more elaborate trimming. They can have lower necks and short sleeves than street clothes and can brighter in color.

1940's Day Dress - Vintage Costumers

Dress shoes - may be made of patent leather, kid, or suede and designed as Oxfords, Pumps, or sandals with dainty instep straps. Their heels are of medium height. they sometimes are a perfect match for your dress.

 Women trying on dress shoes in 1942 - Source LIFE

Hose - for dress wear are fully fashioned stockings, tan and sheer in texture. Your figure may influence your choice of colors for your stockings. For example if you are short and wish to appear taller, wear the same color from head to heels, including stockings to match your dress.If you want to look shorter, wear light toned stockings to match your light colored dress.

 Fully Fashioned Stockings 1949

Gloves, jewelry and purse should be lightly decorative and in keeping with the spirit of the rest of your costume.

Typical Afternoon Outfit -1947

Dressing for Housework.

Garments may be attractive, simply made, loosly fitted and washable. Do not wear wool clothes in the kitchen as they absorb odours. Slacks are also very handy, and a neat turban to keep your hair tidy and clean.

The 1940's Fashion Wardrobe Checklist

Occasions - street | college | Shops | Office | Business | Travel

Dress - simple, conservative in color.
Shoes - Oxford or strap. Practical and low heel. Leather or reptile skins.
Hosiery- Sturdy cotton, rayon
Coats- simply cut and tailored.
Hat- Practical with brim
Gloves- Heavy leather, plain pull on.
Accessories- Leather purse, plain handkercief, only necessary jewelry.

Occasions - Church | Visits | Movies

Dress - conservative
Shoes - Oxfords, low or medium heels
Hosiery - Nylon, silk or fine lisle
Coat - tailored
Hat - Small | Pill box
Gloves - Suede, kid, mocha, chamois or fabric

Occasions - Spectator sport

Dress - Gayer colors
Shoes - Same as for street
Hose - Plain or fifured depending on the season
Coat - Very plain, scarfs
Hat - Wide brim hat
Gloves -Same as for street
Accessories - same as for street wear, purse of leather,linen or cotton

Occasions - Dress | Party | Afternoon

Dress - Dainty, neck somewhat low, long or short sleeves, finer, softer materials.
Shoes - Pumps or strap, kid, satin, suede and in medium heels.
Hosiery - harmonise with chosen dress, sheer hose with dainty light dress, semi sheer with heavier fabrics
Coat - Simple or elaborate to harmonise with dress.
Hat - Color to harmonise with dress and coat, small, medium or large.
Gloves - Suede, glace kid, or fabric, white or color to match dress.
Accessories - Kid purse, as much jewelry as desired to accent costume, handkerchief to harmonise with dress.

How nice you look Margaret !

1940's Day Dresses

The ultimate secret of correct dress is wearing the right things together, and of course you have to have taste.
The secret is to have enough, but not too much, variety and contrast to make your look interesting.
Less is more.

1940's Fashion Film - What Not to Wear !

Edited from Elizabeth Todds ' Clothes for Girls ' 1947 - GlamourDaze 2010.

For the definitive breakdown on 1940's makeup styles, see the Vintage Makeup Guide
The 1940s Make-up & Beauty Guide - Instant Download.