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not only women who could become a model in an event in the fashion show .. men can make it happen .. but there are conditions and regulations that must be lived by male model .. which of them should look attractive, handsome, and sexual .. height can also be one of the requirements to become a model .. and most importantly the body shape should be able to make the visitors spellbound .








fashion is very popular among the public at large, because fashion is always something new that comes in your life .. one of the famous fashion is in Paris, which usually also called Paris fashion week .. here there are several kinds of clothes and some accessories that are not less interesting with jewelry .. in Paris you can find a variety of fashion that does not exist in the world .. Therefore, this fashion is typical of people own Paris ..

the prestigious Paris Fashion Week just ended was held. This event was held to introduce the trend of color, style, and fashion design are expected to 'hype' in the next year. Besides attended by famous designers, Paris Fashion Week is also crowded by many fashion enthusiasts who dress to kill to attend this event. Want to know what kind of makeup swing fans fashiondi Paris Fashion Week, Voice of Youth had a few leaks as they look for you ya. Listen carefully, because who knows it could be an inspiration in style..

It's time to peek at the dominant forces in Paris which of course will be a trend in 2012. Reporting from ..

Victor and Rolf back again popularize the style baby doll, Stella McCartney makes an accent that reconstruct detailed models of the body to make it look smaller. Louis Vuitton build it by using the colors of candy in a dress embroidered daisies.

Both pants and miniskirts, a trend that developed last year will appear again next year. At the Balmain leather, pink lace dress at Valentino, fluid pants at Dries Van Noten or Guy Laroche.

Fashion Designs

Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at a given time and every time, expecially for woman or girls. In its most common usage however, "fashion" describes the popular clothing style. Many fashions are popular in many cultures at any given time, for example in america, there are many people used trend clotes,shoes, or the other accecories. Important is the idea that the course of design and fashion will change more rapidly than the culture as a whole. Fashion designers aim to create wearable pieces of art.

The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" were employed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current or even not so current, popular mode of expression. There exist a number of cities recognized as global fashion centers or fashion capitals. Fashion weeks are held in these cities where designers exhibit their new clothing collections to audiences. The cities London, Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo are all headquarters to the greatest fashion companies and renowned for their major influence on global fashion.

District 13.

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Vintage Swimwear (1961 Film) - Playtex Swim Caps

Friday, April 6, 2012

Vintage Swimwear Fashion (1961 Film) - Cloche Swim Caps from Playtex

These days a girl has to keep her head to keep up with the changing seasons and styles. That goes for swim caps as well, with model Joan here seen above favoring the new crest shape motif against the new cloche shaped swim cap.(pic 1)
The colorful 1920s updated for today's (1960s) highest 'high fashion' ! Outdoors at the Caribbean vacation retreat, our camera moves poolside with the fashionable young moderns for a close up of Mary's swim-cap.
They call it Rosetta La Rocks - a clean lined number with a touch of glamor, guaranteed to turn heads her way.) pic 2 and 3).

Continuing the showing of Playtex designer swim-caps, we find that flowers do go to malady's head.Witness Sheilas bouquet fro the beach ! (pic4).

Pretty enough - she says, to wear away from the water. Virginia needs room on a board to show of her nosegay ( bouquet of flowers) and what a sweet way it is to keep her hair dry !
A heads up job to bring you the latest in 1960's fashion news ! "

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Check out the amazing Pam Fierro's Glamoursplash for her posts on vintage swim-caps.It's the definitive blog on vintage swimwear.If it's genuine vintage swimwear you're after, she runs a unique vintage swimsuit shop called Glamoursurf and ships worldwide. !

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What Katie Did have just launched their new retro swimwear range for 2012.

Then there's Modcloth - a vintage retro fashion haven ! They always have beautiful retro swimwear for sale. Well worth checking out.

Gorgeous Swimwear (1961 Film) - Go Retro !

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1960's Swimwear by Oleg Cassini - creator of the Jackie Kennedy Look.

This rare vintage fashion newsreel from 1961 features some beautiful swimsuit designs from amongst others - the famous French-born American fashion designer - Oleg Cassini. His designs for the First Lady Jackie Kennedy became known as The Jackie Look and was a massive fashion influence in the early 1960's.

His Sheath dress [ a figure hugging which falls around the knees ] is still a standard and the current First Lady Michelle Obama is a fan.He became a household name in 1961 [ the year this swimwear film is from ] after Jacqueline Kennedy appointed him as her exclusive couturier.His nickname in the press was "Secretary of Style" .Soon women all over America and beyond began copying the simple geometric look of Jackie's dresses in sumptuous fabrics with pillbox hats and elegant coiffures.Amongst the Hollywood stars he dressed were Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedrin, Gene Tierney [ his wife ], Rita Hayworth,Faye Dunaway - the list goes on.

What Katie Did incidentally are launching a beautiful range of 1960s influenced swimsuits for this summer!

The famous costume designer Edith Head described Cassini as the "single biggest fashion influence in history".Cassini is up there with Dior and Chanel. So enjoy this little treat of his stunning swimwear from that magic year of the Kennedy's - 1961.

" A new season brings stylish swimwear by the worlds foremost designers.Contrasting insets form striking bodice treatment and slim flattering lines in this Oleg Cassini creation for Peter Pan.We're offered a look at the drawstring bikini as only the French can interpret it. Shown alongside is the French influence in the sophisticated Little girl look.Brass buttons and military treatment in youthful and ultra feminine swimsuit - also by Cassini for Peter Pan.In the same distinctive manner as the sheath, with its accompanying mother of ocean pearl buttons. A trim addition to the beach scene! Again from France - a swimsuit of cotton, woven so that it is transparent in the hand, opaque when worn ! In a season of jungle print - this is definitely Haute Couture ! "

Head on over to Modcloth for their latest vintage inspired swimwear range for 2012.

The ultimate vintage swimwear blog is Pam Fierro's super fab Glamoursplash ! not to mention her vintage swimwear store Glamoursurf - a haven for swimwear fans of all eras. They ship worldwide too!

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Gorgeous Shoe Fashions ( Vintage Film 1936 )

Friday, March 30, 2012
 1930's Shoes for Women - Archive film

"Gorgeous fashion in 1930's footwear. A Rainy Morning, but no rubbers, but sure footing in shoes
of gleaming water-proof patent leather - with the new pearl luster finish. A shining example for the new year.
Oxfords and Pumps hold their own during the rainy season.And now with clear afternoon skies, it is time to wear the more formal high heel shoes.These exhibits are designed by Dan Porter.These white oxfords are for cocktails.Evenings bring the high heeled sandals with open toes. Dance, be merry and keep pace with the times with slippers fit for Cinderella."

The 1930's, despite the Depression - brought an amazing variety of beautiful shoe styles to women.
Gone were the simple ankle straps of the 1920's Flapper and in came the heel. This unique archive film
showcases the 'latest' women's shoe fashions of 1936.

Popular shoes included pumps, slip-on, lace-ups, buckles, two tone and spectator designs. With outdoor fashions becoming more and more popular for in the leisure woman, you saw more sandals - not just on the beach but the high heeled version for evening wear too.

Fashionable colors included white, black, two tone white and black, brown and wine shades.
The standard evening shoe to wear with your dress included asymmetrical trimmed court shoes, sling backs and of course - peep toes.
With skirt hems getting lower during the 1930's, women's shoes became all the more exotic with decorations being the order of the day [ it was the Art Deco era after all ! ].

Cutouts were seen on pumps and the standard Oxford shoe became much more decorated with perforated hole designs and so on.This vintage film showcases womens shoes for street wear, rainy days to evening sandals and heels. Gorgeous.

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The Artist - A tribute to the real silent screen divas

Friday, March 23, 2012

Glamourdaze's tribute to the original female stars of the Silent Screen era.

I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel.

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The Dress from I ♡ VINTAGE