Hello, Twenty Twelve!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Finally,  the time "to do nothing" has come !
I am very tired of coming up with something original for the new year party!So this year I just want to follow traditions. I have a strategic goal, which I will do in the next few days.I want to watch all my favorite movies again.It will be the perfect pastime!
Норe you will have a great holidays guys!


Today I follow the sparklers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy, warm and cozy holidays guys!Keep smile and give the best gifts to each other.

Rare 1960's Make-up and Beauty Tutorial Film !

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Many thanks to Richard Jeffs of the Harold Baim Collection for giving us permission to feature a minute extract of the Michael Winner directed 1960's fashion feature Girls Girls Girls. The Baim Film collection really is a lost archive of 1950's and 1960's Britain and you can view some wonderful clips on the archive and even purchase DVD's. Highly recommended.

1960's Make-up Guide - Archive film tutorial - Baim Films

For the low-down on 1960s make-up, these 1960s girls are taken by Lucy Claton to the salon of a famous make-up organization. here the companys expert, a Mrs Riddle has the task of making sure that the girls go out looking better than when they came in ! This film was made in 1961, so the make-up techniques and style here are essentially of the 1950's. So studying a 1950's makeup guide would give you an accurate idea of the beauty looks of women in the early 1960's.

First thing is - to remove what make-up they have on.
For this a cleanser and sponge is used which also tones up the skin !

1960s makeup foundation.

This should blend with the natural skin color.
There are ways and ways to put on the base. The correct way - dab it on in spots and smooth in !

1960s makeup - Rouge

Rouge should be applied in three dots near the cheek bones, fairly high near the eye.

1960s makeup - eyeshadow.

The eyeshadows should be stippled on to the upper corners of the eye.

1960s makeup - Powder.

Powder is the one thing to use lavishly.Let it stay on for about five seconds. Then smooth it off.

1960s makeup tutorial - mascara.

Now the mascara. Its better put on in two thin coats than one heavy one.

1960s lipstick application technique.

To apply lipstick, teach yourself to use a brush !! If you can wait five minutes before blotting - then do.

Finally a light powder over with a compact.
Voila - the 1960s face !

text copyright 2011 Glamourdaze.

Learn the art of make-up from several glamorous eras.
You can download beautiful original vintage 1960's make-up and beauty guides now.
Also 1920's Flapper make-up, 1930's make-up & beauty and 1940's beauty looks.

1950's Fashion House - from Ireland

 It may be hard to believe, but Ireland is leading the way in true classic 1950s retro fashion. They design and produce stunning tailored dresses that will have any 1950's aficionado watering at the mouth. Just look at these stunning designs.Irish designer duo Charlotte & Jane are continuing their fashion revival of the much loved decade with the launch of their brand new website. The revamped website will allow clients to purchase their ‘perfect’ dress, no matter where they are in the world!
Inspired by the elegance, femininity and glamour of the ‘50s, the Charlotte & Jane brand is 100% Irish. Designing in their studio in Kinsale Co. Cork

Alicia Dress - Charlotte & Jane [ above ]
This extremely elegant and luxurious dress with exquisite tapestry detailing in the full 1950's style skirt and complimentary silk lining, is show stopping! This dress is available as a wedding dress in ivory, blush or porcelain silk and in a number of sensational silk colours ways for those days/evenings to remember!

Peggy Sue Dress - Charlotte & Jane

Charming Tea Dress with sexy low back. Tulip shape skirt with slit in back seam. Zip down centre back. 100% pure Irish linen and lined in soft cotton, and available in different fabulous 1950s colors.

Audrey Dress - Charlotte & Jane

A real show stopper....glamorous and very elegant evening dress for a night as "belle of the ball".

Charlotte & Jane
Charlotte & Jane employ Cork based seamstresses and source their wool, tweed and linen fabrics from Irish mills throughout the country.
Continuing on from the success of previous collections and in keeping with the timeless, feminine designs the brand is renowned for, this season’s range features classic silhouettes with modern style quirks, perfect for flattering figures Mad Men style!

The Clara Dress - Charlotte & Jane
A beautiful dress which oozes French style,is particularly suitable for ladies with big hips as the collar balances the frame beautifully.
and finally ....
Eva Dress- Charlotte & Jane.
Elegant day dress-very ‘Mad Men’! Central back zip. 100% pure Irish linen and lined in soft cotton.

At first glance, Charlotte & Jane are really a breath of fresh air. Their dresses are genuine high quality vintage style outfits for the modern woman, who yearns for the glamour of the 1950's. Glamourdaze would like to wish them the very best for the future. With outfits like these, how can they not succeed?

What katie Did for Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho ho ho - said Santa !
He certainly wasn't expecting to find these lovelies waiting at the bottom of the chimney! If you're a vintage fashion fanatic, you really can't complete any outerwear wardrobe without the luxury of genuine 1940s and 1950s style lingerie, corsets and hosiery.
From the queen of vintage faux lingerie What katie Did.
Their devine range of bras, corsets, shapewear, fully fashioned stockings and hosiery should warm any girls heart [ and her loved one ! ] this winter. And if you are lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere, then it's summer time ! and what a beautiful range they have of vintage retro style swimwear !
To much to resist ? We think so !

Inspired by the vintage era of the 1940's and 1950's  in particular, What Katie Did is the epitome of feminine glamour for women. harkening back to Edwardian fashion, their waist cinchers and beautiful range of corsets are mouth watering to say the least.

Vintage 1930's Beauty and Make-up Tutorials

Looking for an authentic vintage 1930's make-up look ? Want to feel like a 1930s girl ?
The these two extremely rare make-up guides spanning from the early to the late 1930's might fill your Christmas stocking very nicely.

 Found in an Oxford garage sale and lovingly and beautifully restored; Make-up by Virginia Vincent and The Art of Make-up by none other than Max Factor himself.

The 1930s make-up look changed quite dramatically from pencil thin eyebrows and lush expressionist influenced rouges and lip colors of the early 1930s, to a more subtle Hollywood ideal as taught by make-up geniuses such as Max Factor. Learn tips from the master, as taught to Hollywood actresses.

For the early jazz styled 1930s look as typified by Joan Blondell and Myrna Loy and Carole Lombard to a more ethereal make-up look in the late thirties as modeled by Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh and Merle Oberon. The differences and techniques on 1930s vintage makeup looks are subtle but fascinating to read. Many of the accepted ideas of contouring and highlighting, were only understood by a limited few, and every woman jumped on manuals such as these in order to emulate their favourite actress or feminine ideal.
Make-up and Beauty - Vintage 1930s guides -  is a charming and entertaining collection of restored vintage makeup tutorials and makes for an informative trip back in time to a gentler era.

Learn key 1930s makeup styles:

1930s style tips
how to apply 1930s style make up
1930s eye makeup tutorials.
Make-up for the Light Blonde type.
Make-up for the Golden Blonde type.
Make-up for the Chestnut brunette type.
Make-up for the Dark brunette type.
Make-up for the Titian-Haired type
Make-up for the White-haired type.
Powder technique
Vintage 1930s Lipstick technique
Rouge technique
Care of skin before and after make-up

and so much more !

Treat yourself or a girlpal.

You can also get the Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all 1920's, 1930's, 1940s and 1950's mkeup and beauty guides. A real bargain!