Mens Fashion - Signature Blazer's with attention grabbing patterns.

Monday, January 31, 2011

First piece you notice is the blazer, why..well its the signature crocodile skin, but from an elitist perspective its saying, make the blazer grab alot of attention...

Price: $395

At the first look, you must be must be wondering whats so special about this one, well since denim trend is making the come back, mixing this textured blazer with anything will be very attention grabbing, in a good way.. 

Bomber jackets will dominate this winter, and new forms and designs are also coming this year, its very exciting to see new styles updating a older vintage style with a modern one...

Price: $898
Brand: Marc Jacobs Suede Jacket

Its the first Suede Military jacket Ive seen in this dark dolphin colored style, its unique and rare..

Mens Fashion - Summer Trends 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011
The store's have opened there spring products, lets take a look at the new interesting styles that work for this summer...

Price: $195
Brand: Brioni Striped Silk Tie

Price: $1,850

Price: $765

Price: $295

Price: $275
Looks can be extremely deceiving in this picture, but these are the first wave of pants that will soon to dominate this summer, ignore the pinkness that is made to deter you from buying it...

Price: $340
Brand: Valentino Collection Pleated Denim Shirt

This is really impressive, with the comeback of the bell-bottoms, this denim jeans shirt will definitely be hot this year. 

Men's Fashion 2011 - Tom Ford

Saturday, January 29, 2011

There's always something to learn from Fashion Visionaries like Tom Ford, he's always ahead of the the point where it gets personal, all his work is been based on sensuality, and most of his designs celebrities worldwide use and continue to use, his recent being the tailor for actor Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace (James Bond) movie.

Brad Pitt in the opening of the inglorious bastards

Being Elitist vs Pushing the social limit's

I sense jealousy in this picture, its happened to me also a while back, i come in into a dentist dressed all bad boy looking until some guy arrives in pink and every girl is looking him, I'm wondering what the heck is going on, is he some kind of celebrity ?, a little later while there working on my teeth, every girl is gossiping about him in the back-room...some questioning if he is gay or available, but yes its true wearing pink does makes you stand out from the crowd alot, but with a price, the questioning of your sexuality, i honestly would not wear pink clothing, but i would definitely use his sunglasses.

Free Glamourdaze Personas for Firefox

Friday, January 28, 2011
Free Vintage Pinup Glamour Firefox Personas

For all our subscribers. If you use Firefox as a browser, then you'll love these vinage retro pinup style personas to add a little vintage glam to your daily browsing. Enjoy.

Mens Fashion - Knitted Scarves with torn end's

It looks like a few runway models are wearing these, and being that the scarves are just accessories, the message being sent is knitted fabric, ones similar in design are the sailor sweaters..

Price: $215

I could see a jump from military design into sailor, because of the stripes dominating 2011, using the style of a timeless era, this type of clothing could be due this next year in the 2012 fashion runway, but meantime its also flattering this year..

Price: $530

This sweater delivers the same effect like the runway models with the center piece long scarves..

Mens Fashion / Striped Blazer / Striped Shirt

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Noticing something different ?
The stripes have depth and it add's a whole new level in how we perceive it.

I did find some online, but they are rare indeed..

Price: $940

Price: $1,495

On this blazer you cant tell the difference until you look closer, or your in front of the person, its been textured like nothing Ive seen before, and its very eye catching..

Men's Runway Trend / Bomber Jacket Spring/Summer 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fur and anything fuzzy that looks like a bomber jacket, is going to dominate the store's this upcoming winter, good news is that you dont have to be all furry for the summer since, this approach is unrealistic in todays temperatures, but now you will know what to buy so you can be ready..

One thing i did notice was this..

If you look closely its a furry sweater, i know most of you must be thinking, there is no possible way im wearing that, well thats the bad news...good news there's an alternative, but its coming in the next runway shoot.

In the meantime check it out with a elitist opened minded view.

Men's Handkerchiefs / Inspired By Gucci

Monday, January 24, 2011

Most of you must be wondering is this really an Elitist Technique or a Trend, well its actually a trend since its repeatedly shown over a few runway models, and only a few actually make it into Elite Technique's for obvious discrete reason's..

For pattern and style, the first obvious idea is color matching, but except for the last picture you will notice its not in the same color of the suit or the accessory colors, so it means it can be any color, including bold colors, the main base it being ruffled outside so it boldly stands out, instead of the formal folded handkerchief.

and now for the bad news, you cant buy it yet...i know it, for a fact, its how it's elite community stays that way, so it leaves to two options wait till its available for purchase or...

consider making one yourself, and honestly it take's just 10mins of you time to create this cut and trend, and once you got it made, dont be surprised if the social doors start opening from people in higher places, its an elite community that understand's only people that speak there language, and this is the key towards that white gold entrance.

Price: $59

Simple and Clean, Excellent choice with white beachwear suit's..

Price: $49
Textured designed make's this one stand out more, made for the nightlife scene ofcourse..

if you really wanted to step it up a notch, and really stand out from the crowd of elitist, you could do a color fade like similar to the one below, with bleach or mixing color dye's.

once you buy the scarves, cut to size, for it to fit on your suit pocket, and it will instantly vibrate the attitude it was made for..

Mens Flared Jeans / The Trend Inspired By Gucci

Sunday, January 23, 2011
I'm going to show you are a few pictures, so i can paint a mental picture of whats to come this summer...

This is a image from Gucci's Fall 2011 Trends, but its actually a 2011 summer trend...mind you

As you can see, its not as you expected to look, its modernized, and it style is gonna revolutionize the clothes industry..

its a mild flare, not a exploded one..

The First Few company's to offer this style are the ones showing it in the runways, and will be ready for purchase early spring at there stores..

UPDATE: May 2, 2011
The Styles are out!

Price: $319

Built for the show stopper, Joey is our signature lowrise flare. We've given it a vintage look with our worn Yukon wash, contrast wheat Super T thread combo, worn copper hardware and iconic 'U' embroidery on back flap pockets. asymmetrical side seams ensure the perfect flared silhouette so you can focus on style. 

Price: $155


Italian cotton denim in a dark wash with extensive whiskering front and back.
Button fly
Five-pocket style
Signature squiggle stitching on back pockets
Slightly flared leg
Inseam, about 34"
Cotton; machine wash
Made in USA