Men's Fashion 2011 - Tom Ford

Saturday, January 29, 2011

There's always something to learn from Fashion Visionaries like Tom Ford, he's always ahead of the the point where it gets personal, all his work is been based on sensuality, and most of his designs celebrities worldwide use and continue to use, his recent being the tailor for actor Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace (James Bond) movie.

Brad Pitt in the opening of the inglorious bastards

Being Elitist vs Pushing the social limit's

I sense jealousy in this picture, its happened to me also a while back, i come in into a dentist dressed all bad boy looking until some guy arrives in pink and every girl is looking him, I'm wondering what the heck is going on, is he some kind of celebrity ?, a little later while there working on my teeth, every girl is gossiping about him in the back-room...some questioning if he is gay or available, but yes its true wearing pink does makes you stand out from the crowd alot, but with a price, the questioning of your sexuality, i honestly would not wear pink clothing, but i would definitely use his sunglasses.