Gucci Belts Spring/Summer 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011
The belt has a purpose to hold and sustain, but we all know it does much more than just that, as its almost like a symbol of your personality, from rockbands to elite business men, you know what your dealing with when you see one, but what your seeing on the image on top, is a camouflage of the design, its not the leather, or the patterns in the belt, its the center piece, the rings.

Price: $290
Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Belt

Ive seen belts, but this one really stands out from the crowd, its very elegant minimalist design, polished and created from italy, secretly say's ive got it down, even though everyone in the shopping store is clueless on what to wear, but one things certain, watch out, you have a high chance of getting chased by any women who know this brand very well..

Elite Technique: Slight Shirt Tuck
This one is saying a hidden message, tuck your shirt in slightly while showcasing your belt, otherwise it will be covered up, its elite technique, go ahead try it, i know the feedback will be positive.

Price: $570
Brand: Berluti Whipstitched Scritto Belt

There something about having a belt with engraved script writing, that makes this very unique, it really does put a whole new meaning to signature style.

There's actually two patterns coming out this summer, both stripe's and braided designs on belts, here a two examples..

Price: $250
Brand: Versace Collection Textured Leather Belt

Crafted with perfection, in italy the trend is indeed outside of the box thinking, this contemporary leather design, with a array of textured stripe's, makes the sound of a ferrari, that no belt except a few elite ones can produce, its always a race, in the fashion world of who get's it first, everyone else get's left behind, it was intended that way, not this time, the elitist has you covered..

Price: $218
Brand: Forzieri Dark Brown Woven Leather Belt

Quality can never be the exception on a woven belt, Ive seen lower grade belts like these dissolve in less than 3 months, and for the same reason Ive personally picked this one, its made by luxury company called Forzieri, specializing in quality only, you know this belt will last you a lifetime.