Gucci Shoes Spring/Summer 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011
Ah, there must be something about Italian shoes that makes me admire them, maybe its because they come from a family where they are perfectionist, quality is there first priority, and for that, the world loves them..

Upon first looking, the obvious is the chrome links and suede leather and as for finding another designer style is a mission of the elitist, for this is the Italian grade I'm talking about!

Price: $520
Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo Dorsino Suede Loafer
The Designer Salvatore Ferragamo was born in 1898, and had a passion for making shoes when he first started early in his life, eventually moving to Hollywood, where he designed for the rich and famous, like for example Marilyn Monroe, he was recognized as a visionary, he indeed did make it into the 2011 trends, for that, his elegant designs will be timeless works of art..

But wait, theres a pattern emerging, and its hidden from even plain view, the secret...?
its the leather of course, well its in a different form then what you see above.

Price: 510$+
Brand: Brown Leather Cesare Paciotti Loafers

Here we have shoes with exotic material, but its not the special leather that makes them special, its the form, the stripe pattern so to speak, only a very few people in the world, can actually figure this out, you should have a astonishing feeling about now, on how very well kept this secret is from the fashion community, it really is...

i couldn't find them elsewhere on the Internet, so ill gladly add the link to the website..
Dellamoda (Online Website)