1950's Makeup Guide - A Cuban Beauty Parlour

Friday, April 29, 2011
A Short archive film of a 1950's beauty salon in Havana. For authentic 1940's and 1950's makeup guides, keep an eye out for our soon to be launched Vintage Makeup Guide. Also pay a visit to Besame Cosmetics and add a real touch of glamour to your vintage look. That's all !

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Learn the art of 1950s makeup styles from the masters.
Beautiful restored 1950's make-up and beauty guides are now available from Vintage Make-up Guides.

Beach Sea Breeze Sailor Collection

Wow Hugo Boss nailed it head-on on this collection, Modern Nautical Sailor Styles are now available!!!

Price: $95
Brand: Regular Fit 3-Button Polo

Price: $795
Brand: Classic Fit Lightweight Striped 2-Button Crowley Soft Suit Light Pastel Blue

Price: $145
Brand: Medium Blue Shiny Thin Leather Fashion Belt

Price: $125
Brand: Anchor Tie Double Face

Price: $695
Brand: White Classic Fit Lightweight Linen Crowley Soft Suit

Elitist Note: if you plan on buying this white suit, dont make the fashion mistake of getting the default black Shirt that comes with it, its a big mistake instead get a shirt like the one below...

Price: $145
Brand: Medium Blue Slim Fit Spread Collar Jeromee Dress Shirt

Elitist Note: Now the 60's pattern are already mainstream, but the Floral design on the Collars and Cuff's make this shirt Rare & Very Special..

Price: $95
Brand: Regular Fit Plain Front Bermuda Shorts

Mens Swimwear Styles That Rock..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

For those who want to go a little more extreme (more skin) there are more than a fair-share of styles that will flatter your body-type, here is the list for those who want the sexy styles....

Price: 59$
Brand: Bright Blue or Black Club Style Swim Trunks

Price: 49$
Brand: Color Block Swim Briefs By Boss Orange

Price: $225
Brand: D&G Striped Side Trunks

Price: $105
Brand: D&G Logo Brief Swimsuit

Le Coq Sportif Sportswear 2011 Summer Collection

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
(Source: Le Coq Sportif)

Fashion in Sportswear is very unknown to the general public, dont believe me go to your local gym, its a fashion disaster everywhere, but just because you sweat a pound or two doesn't mean you cant look good doing it, even to some fashion experts, they still rely on some extremist molding our society that come to the gym or past by while running, in this special review we cover everything that is need to become just that, and all women gossiping about you in the future...lets begin!

Up close view of some of their products...

Conclusion: Sold only in the E.U! 

(for us American's observe the colors and styles, for considering your next purchase.)

Overall these styles are bright and fun, and they make enough attraction, thanks to their European Design to catch the american womens eye, just enough to stop her from jogging & asking her for a cup of coffee..

Timeless Sailor Style Beachwear

Friday, April 22, 2011
(Photographer: Gergorrila)

Its summer already, and everybody's buying every style of boxers, briefs, and beachwear without thinking twice, but of-course you want to stand out from the rest! 

Nautical sailor style fashion has been slowly getting headlines, and the reason why is the natural white-blue stripes that come with it, it just doesn't look goofy (orange and yellow anyone ?) or scream im a fashionista....no its more reserved and highly respected timeless classic that will grab wind and sail into everybody's hearts.

Price: $69
Brand: WeSC Chuck Board Short

Price: $64
Brand: Boden Cargo Board Shorts

Sarah Trost / The Rocket Jacket From 1930's Meets 21st Century

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I normally dont showcase other private designers but this creation has astounded me, quality & detail wise it would be a crime not to post it here, bringing back memories from The Rocketeer it sure does capture it...

but the real question is it modern ?

yes, thanks to a top few designers this year, its perfectly fine to wear 30s styles for this year. 

so what are you waiting for ?

Price: $950
Designer: Sarah Trost

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