The World's Next Top Fashion Designer From Russia

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Constant battle in the fashion world for success, what really makes a great designer is it the school that they attend, or the persistence that even against all the odds of not making it, seem to strike a light like a supernova in the most darkest of parts of our universe.

Awhile back in my journey in discovering brands Ive had the honor of talking to sofia in late winter of last year, even now she still continues, id admired her hardwork that she deserved a spot in The Elitist View.

"I love to work with clothes, and create fashion that make's life beautiful, and to do it with Style!"

"I am very attracted by people who work in the field of fashion - each of them has a unique Personality & History - i find everybody interesting..."
(Fashion Illustration: Shapogo)

(Fashion Illustration: Miss Beauty)

"every day i am engaged in ideas from the internet - i read much, think of ideas & draw them, including studying, as if im working in fashion in Paris or America.."
 (Fashion Model Sofia's Sister: Alyonka)

(Designer & Fashion illustrator: Sofia)

"I try to participate in all of competitions in designers clothes, recently i won a competition in MegaAccess, winning was certificate on the display of fashions on the week of fashion in Moscow - i was happy, that my ideas made such an impression. But unfortunately, i live in Siberia, and i do not have financial possibilities to do such shows, therefore i was forced to give it up! but i didnt lose hope on pursuing fashion still..."

 (Designer: Sofia)

 (Design for monochromatic Website)

 (Marloe Horst 2011/Fashion Illustration)

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