NINH Nguyen Michelson Studios VIP Backstage A/W 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I was very fortunate in contacting Ninh Nguyen this week, he's very nice guy that really does have a bright future ahead of him, and in this vip backstage insight, the images taken from his photographer really does captures the journey towards his success.

An amazing array of volunteers and make-up artist helped in applying natural bio-cosmetics (vegan makeup) to the models 3 hours before the main event started..

With the help of Emani minerals, a company based from Norco, California helped create this amazing event in a 10,000 Square Foot Photography Michelson Studios overseeing the Hudson River.

Designer Nguyen was born and raised in Paris, France growing up in Texas he studied medicine and psychology, and now lives in New York, making the fashion spotlight in modern day mens fashion. His Philosophy on designing clothes starts with impeccable taste to precise proportions, and continues with the drape of select fabrics, and ends with a work of art that captures the entire atmosphere & captivates the audience.

When I design, I don’t design for a trend, or for just any man. I design for the modern day renaissance man. Someone who is confident, intellectual, open minded, cultured and passionate. I have put all of these elements into my clothing and when this man wears it, this man feels complete.
Ninh Nguyen

Ninh Nguyen got to incorporate art with fashion for a good cause. The project included 25 different Artist from around the world in a collaboration with NINH. They asked each artist to produce a unique & special illustration based on the NINH A/W '11/12 Collection, in which these illustrations were auctioned and the proceeds went to charity.
Also Inspiring & Raising awareness about two important charities Child Education International and Hope for the Silent Voices.

Child Education International aims to build schools in impoverished countries for secondary school students. Their Campaign the Cambodia Project believes, if poor, rural children worldwide have access to comprehensive secondary education that is both economically and environmentally sustainable, if their families have access to high quality health services, then economic and community growth will be stimulated, helping to alleviate the cycle of poverty in developing communities.

Hope for the Silent Voices is a not-for-profit organization founded to bring attention and resources to the severely neglected, disadvantaged, abused, and discarded globally. By forging dynamic personal relationships with those in need and exploring significant ways to enhance the quality of these individuals lives, HFSV's mandate is to be able to raise awareness and provide this service to each and every underprivileged child.

Fashion for a cause, its very uplifting hearing about our society getting involved in helping other country's in need, even if a charity event only helps 1 child or person, its enough to change someone, including those who help.

"The message is simply raising awareness of our world & making it better for our generations to come..."
Victor Espinoza

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