Emo/Rockstar Summer Denim Jeans for Men

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm feeling a bit adventurist about writing this, usually the badboy doesn't have time to dress up, he just grabs what he needs and go's, but if he had to sit down and really think of his wardrobe his status would turn from badboy to rockstar instantly...

Here are the Emo Rockstar jeans that make it into movies, and makes the female attraction spike faster than lightning striking the sky, lets begin....

Price: $198
Brand: Affliction Ace Eleven Rogue Denim

Price: $178
Brand: Affliction Eleven Mirror Rinse 2 Mirin Denim

Price: $376
Brand: True Religion Ricky BlackJack Dark Denim

Price: $240
Brand: Diesel Black Gold Valiant Denim Jeans