Men's Runway Trend / Blazer's Spring/Summer 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its the little hidden cue's like these that make the world of a difference in understanding the elitist code, that everybody seems to keep hush hush...

And one of them is the single button blazers..

Price: $871
Brand: Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Reversible Blazer

Two things come in mind on looking at this, one is the single button, and the other is the internal patterns similar to the fashion runways blazers, that makes this a really rare & exquisite piece..

Price: $109
Brand: 7 For All Mankind One Button White Blazer
Finding a white Blazer with single buttons is near impossible in this pre-spring month but the good news is, its ready for purchase right now, now aint that nice..

Price: $138

There is something special about this blazer, for its the black outline it gives, people will stop & catch a glance at this new piece of art that is its showcasing..

Price: $138

Opting for a more professional look, well this blazer is for you, it speaks elite business only, and with its patterns it says class & sophistication.