Luxurious Summer Beach Style

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer's temp's are already here, and if you haven't been living under the coastal parts of the USA, well its bound to head your way in a few months..

Price: $1,495
Brand: Black Label Turquoise Suede Western Shirt

The first lime green shirt to arrive for Ralph Lauren , it looks like a nice smooth transition to summer...

Price: $180
Brand: Bright Blue Diesel Zatiny Bootcut Jeans

These jeans have a interesting mix, corvette logo or aviation, who cares they look nice either-way...

Price: $475
Brand: Black Tom Ford Daniel Sunglasses

Tom Ford is the De-facto of Elite fashion, if Brad Pitt wears it, you know its good...

Price: $1,000

Being that you will be using light colors, your male sexuality cue may be off the radar, well this bracelet throws it right back, its badass...and it conveys the message, im colorful, but im also not a dont push your luck...

Price: $470
Brand: Light Brown Gucci Suede Moccasin

you need light shoes, something to relax these are perfect for the occasion..

Price: $300
Brand: Orange Prada Saffiano Striped Belt

These is a really impressive belt, the bright color and texture mix with the chrome logo do well..

Overall, this style will catch the attention of the female sightseer, it being for this month.