Thornton Bregazzi London Fashion Week

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here we a see a modern looking couple, and a extremely very well dressed baby girl...the center of attention of-course, is there most cherished child...cute

There was a change when they went out in public, if you noticed his shirt, it doesn't have that same dark blue line like he did backstage(part of the 2010 Fashion Designs), and his shoes, changed also...its hard to tell, due to the low resolution images, but I'm pretty sure he switched, and got some more classy shoes on with the dark royal blue pattern...

The Pants have been rolled up a bit, its a classic timeless style, very nice...

Conclusion: I'm not sure if it was fear or hesitation of going public with a trend that has been set before or he just wanted to hide his originality from public, The plain black long sleeve shirt is a reserved method by farthest, no fashion statement except his pants and shoes, I'm honestly quite disappointed, since most of there Genuine Creativity is going to the child, the parents should be way more fashionable than they are but are playing it safe..