London Fashion Week Designer (Insight)

Saturday, February 19, 2011
The London Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2011 (Designer Insight)

Sometimes you gotta look ahead of the runway models for insight, for just getting that extra edge in fashion knowledge, maybe its not the models creating the fashion but the designers that briefly showcase there work, by complimenting the audience just before leaving in a split second, this is indeed quite an intriguing statement on behalf of me, to the very least, the what if question does arise...

But there is a catch, i will not cover the models but the designer's...we turn the tables and watch the elite how they dress and what we can learn from them...they are the pioneers that shape are future, lets see how they dress the part..

In the Following days i will cover the Male Designers Showcasing in London's Fashion Week, Each Designer will have his own review...

Lets begin!