De Mobile Fashion

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A while back, Ive Recently announced The Elitist View being de Mobile Ready and just wanted to let you guys know, since im starting to see a growing trend in mobile visits, to encourage you guys to check out my website on your phones, its designed to be very fast and straight to the point.

Remember some of the clothing here is upscaled in price for the reason of it being bought less, but dont let it discourage you, instead look at it for inspiration on your next purchase being at a secondhand store or your local outlet, remember all the clothings shown here will work for todays current trends, even if its not a name brand, look for a similar design, like the ones shown at this website, thats why the elitist view has gone mobile, for it to be your shopping reference guide.

Thanks for listening, ill keep you guys posted on the next big thing!

Victor Espinoza
Owner of the Elitist View