Mainline Menswear Style Review

Friday, February 4, 2011

There's something about looking at Online European stores that you just cant get in the United States, maybe its that British Rockband look, all i know is that, if my friends here in california cant buy it at the local store, it sure does give you the chance for bragging rights...

Price: $265
Brand: Stone Island Half Zip Jumper Green
I really do like this green style, its considered the 1# seller on its website, id grab it before it goes...

Price: $40
Now this style is meant to grab attention, everybody will know its imported, but from where..will be everybody's question, and this will be your social chat invite...

Price: $93
Innocent maybe, but you know its styles like these that bring up the question in the opposite sex, if he like's exotic clothing, what else does he also like, White Gold Jewelry, Lamborghini, Italian Cuisine...?

Either way, anything imported that is good, is Social Proof..