Mens Underwear Trends for Men's Fashion 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Men's Fashion – 2011 Underwear Trends.

Its a touchy subject between men, normally you dont just walk up to a guy and ask him what he's wearing in his pants, or yet get the nerve to ask him on his previous bedtime adventures what he wears, what women find sexy, its just territory where we leave it unquestioned, its unmanly...fortunately theres good news!

From the Pickup Community, alot has changed on what actually works in real life compared to going to a store and making a wild guess and finding out later its not the hottest clothing for the bedroom adventure, based on real life experiences though, the pickup artist now evolving into the lifestyle artist, and because of this they are the pioneer examples, they are the achievers on what really works, and fortunately they share there wisdom on this, they leave nothing out..and this is a very fortunate blessing for us!

The era of the regular white underwear is gone, the de facto is boxers or briefs, in this special article i will review which is right for what body type you are..

Price: $48
Brand: Robert Granham Eason Striped Boxers
These are universal, anybody can use these, but if your slightly overweight or midsize these will do just fine.

Price: $54
Brand: D&G Superior Boxer Briefs, Black
If you been busy at the gym, well this is where your hardwork pays off, you can wear these, its slightly tighter but its compliments your body more than the loose version (think UFC fighter).

Price: $42
Brand: D&G Pool Lounge Midi Briefs
These are more than just protecting your manhood, they're the stylish pool version and yes you can use them at the pool if you like, recommended for the mid-size, well built, or skinny sculpted body...