Current Fashion Trends for May 23

Monday, May 23, 2011
Alright Ive personally went sightseeing to a quite a bit of stores, and heres the update on what everybody's wearing right now..

current trends are..

80s trend graphic shirts: are very common now, but still good, you need to push it up a bit, maybe a little 80s fuchsia pink in your designs, it will certainly help!

Grab a color array pattern like this, see how it stands out..

since the 80s are coming fast, be on the edge with pants like these..

They are called Drop crotch jeans, they will be coming into stores in about 2 months but as of right now, no store carries them, available online!

Heres is the link to some 80s based jeans

Sailor trends, are going to be mainstream in 1 month, so at the moment its a high-end formal piece of clothing, but its high-end fashion taste will end soon..

Loafers are always ok, they are never, ever...out of style, wear them this summer!

Vintage 80s jackets will be hot this summer..

The 60s trend's are gone, sorry guys, its out, and everybody is wearing it now...

80s summer glasses will be a high trend also, notice the color in the lens brings out the personality well, take notes!

Stay tuned, ill be posting more 80s trends soon...

By Victor Espinoza