The Power Business Suit for men / The Expensive Millionaire Business Suit

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
(Source: g-mikee)

All of your hard end work comes to this day, it being a new partnership or your new business transaction to a new Multi-Million Dollar proposal, price is not an issue, its an investment...

To you and your future self..

Forget what fashion sites say about power suits, they only deal with clothing... 

This is power suit was made by an Elitist with strong business experience, and a high end fashion taste...

lets begin.

Price: $5,495.00

First thing that comes into mind is a mafia relation, yes you seen it in mad men, there is a good reason why they use it, it means power, in its highest purest form. 

Everyday business men wont dare touch this, simply because of the price tag, it scares them, but for the fortunate few who do, The return investment outweighs they're initial cost.

Price: $5,300.00

There something unique about a man wearing Crocodile shoes that grabs everybody's attention, we all know people are born with great personalitys, with the exception of a few, but in todays elite society, the first impression is done by your shoes, its the mirror into your personality & lifestyle before anything, it is considered the most valued asset in your wardrobe.

Price: $15,387.00

Watches are everywhere, but what sets this one apart from the rest, the sophistication in design & engineering, plus the worldwide recognition when Yves "Jetman" Rossy flew across The Grand Canyon in the world's first jet-engine powered by a human, this watch makes an excellent conversation starter, Breitling was the main sponsor..

Price: $185.00

The red with the white line represent power mixed with minimalist, This tie has a its own personality, honestly i do not wear ties, but if i had to wear one, removing the commons from the basic everyday ties, it would be this one, this would be the exception from all of them...

Price: $600.00

There are tons of dress shirts, but this French Cuff shirt gives your the option to customize with Cuff links, just like an opportunity arises in the business world, this does the same with having the extra little gold to your power suit.

Price: $2,750
Unique in design, and attention grabbing, they almost look like weights in a gym, masculine and made with 18k gold, its a fine accessory for your shirt, for your impeccable taste for perfection.

Price: $980

Your walking out the door after your successful deal, and you find out someones approaching you, and he ask you...

Hey do you have a business card ?

Be ready with an elite professional style business card..

Overall this style is not for everyone, if you don't plan on making a few million this year, avoid this design and go with something more casual, but if your confident with your future, this will be the first stepping stone towards a lavishing lifestyle...