Modern 80s Fashion / T-Shirts

Saturday, May 7, 2011
(80s fashion trends for men, Source:

The trend is out secretly, and nobody knows about it!

(Modern 80s Fashion Trends for Women)

I spotted a few shirts already with the trend of the 80s & its simply amazing finding it for sale already for womens mostly and partly mens...


While Gucci did a good job on using 80's Color Palette for men, you actually have to see the other side for yourself to believe this (womens fashion) this is not cross-dressing, its knowledge of what going around the world, themes blend with themes its that simple, just like classy people like classy styles...

Any girl using the 80s styles will LOVE a guy in 80s styles clothing, if you ever want to sub-communicate to her this, you have to wear a style similar to this..


You will see this style barely mainstream a few months from now(end of summer), while it's safe to say 98% of the general public doesn't get it yet...dont believe me, just get a watch out and start the timer, if your girlfriend takes more than 10mins she's clueless on fashion, if on the other hand she takes 9 mins, congrats you got yourself a true fashion model...


Retro designs will come to life, including the classic infamous straight shoulder pad, i dont think guys will have a issue with these designs, fashion sake of-course...



For men hunting these styles is alot harder than women, women dominate clothes before guys, but with the right knowledge you can pull thru & get really ahead..

Anything with bright colors and alot of graphics on the shirt, the better!

Also brand whoring is expected, example wearing Printed Shirts with Coca-cola,Pepsi, MTV, or Famous 80s era based company's will be hot!!!

Dont let the price's below fool you, high end clothing is coming sooner than you think & to some it will be the most expensive trend to date, based on the history of the 80s of high quality material use only..

Price: $17


Make a high fashion statement with the hot neon rainbow and also grab the heart of a women by being a animal activist.

Price: $63



A style brought back to life, from 1983 it brings a huge fashion statement along its journey into the fashion world again...

Printed Franklin & Marshall. Featuring a contrast tiger print to the front with a crew neckline and short sleeves.
100% Cotton

Price: $40


While this style doesn't have 80's color all over it, it does hint to only a few people on what you know, this is a more reserved trend...

Bold, original graphics. Pure, soft cotton. This is art. Wear it.
100% Cotton
Crew neck
Pieced front with 2 different graphics
Exclusive screen printed design
Machine washable

Price: $49




For those who want bragging rights get the Paradise Marl (Hot Neon Pink), The Shadow Blue Marl is still high fashion, only a bit more reserved though...(less attention grabbing)