D&G fall 2011 / 80s Styles Are Coming & What Also to look for...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ill admit this one, it was one of the most difficult of runway Designer Brands to deciphers in my view and the reason why is that the colors scream loud, almost out of place & disoriented in confusion for about 3 months to be exact it finally hits me, like a stone shattering a glass at a Hundred miles an hour, The 80's Fashion!!!

The next transition after sailor fashion will be the 80s, i bet my reputation on it!

if not just wait and see, of-course it will be a little late by then since everybody will be wearing it, but still it will be mainstream pretty soon.

This trend works now by the way,

Current Trends

60s styles mainstream= Forget this style...

Sailor Style's= Barely going mainstream, still good for about 2 more months...

80s Style's= elitist fashion, nobody's wearing it...since they dont know about it yet, Gives you the Edge in High Fashion.

Puzzled on the colors ?

Use these charts...
 (Source: DynamicGraphics)

(Source: DynamicGraphics)

Here is the Complete Runway of D&G Fall 2011 AKA (Summer 2011 Styles)

Use the images below for Color Guidance in this era of fashion, Good Luck!

All images below are from Style.com

(Designers: Stefano Gabbana & Domenico Dolce)

Final Conclusion:
All the Fashion Designers laid the cards down in the poker table, except D&G they're running the poker face and i have a gut feeling they will ace this trend, nobody else is doing this...and maybe this is what is required to push this Fashion Style up neon high...