Millionaire Watches / Elitist Watches

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
(Model: Hublot 310.KX.1140.RX Aero Bang Tungsten)

There's something to be said, its that i have a better watch than you...its been happening for as long as Rolex has been around, and will continue because you see, every watch is different and weighting one for instant's (to tell if its fake) is not the way of finding out how expensive it see its the design & engineering that makes the watch now...not the heavy metals..

I'm Excited to announce These Ultra-Rare Watches that to most people will only see once in there lifetime, if yet at all, the lessons to learn from this, is to look at the designs very well, adsorb every piece of detail and color like a genius deciphering a top-secret code from another country, its a rare and valuable lesson to learn here, and its that you can pull off the million dollar look for less than 1000$, Including the mid-range predecessor, so pay close attention...lets start!

Price: $216,720
Brand: Patek Philippe Celestial Mens Watch
Model: 5102G

At the first look you see that there is nothing really special except the price, but if you pay close attention its the art behind it, and it feature's the Geneva Celestial Map, you can pull off the same effect with these two watches also...

Price: $626

you could goto the extreme and replace the stainless steel band with a leather one, for more uniqueness (contact your local Jewelery Store for help on this)

Price: $4,082

Looking for something ready to go, well this is for you..

Price: $291,225
Brand: Audemars Piguet Jules Tour billion Chronograph Minute Repeater
Model: 26118bc.zz.d002cr.01

Ah the sight of diamonds intrigues me, because of the possibilities in modification & style..

Price: $395
Brand: Akribos XXIV Men's Diamond Swiss Stainless Steel Watch

Modification is required for this one, a Highly Polished Black Leather Band and replacement of a higher quality CZ stones to Grade:(AAAAA) Color: (D) Colorless Diamonds......Check Ebay, dont wear this in public unless its a formal event, use common sense...

Going further: you could learn some horology and disassemble it or take it to a watch repair shop, and replace the dial base to add a custom black background with laser etched italian art with Roman Numerals and have jewelery shop install your Cubic Zirconia crystal's or stones (it will be a few Thousand dollars more) in your watch and it will stand out alot more...

Price: $508,900
Brand: A. Lange & Sohne Tourbograph Pour le Merite
Model: 712.050

The Signature style of this watch is the Honey Gold and the Crocodile Leather, its a very nice watch, lets make one similar to this one!

Price: $450
Brand: TX T3C193 Men's Rose Gold Linear Watch

Upon Receiving the watch, measure the band width & replace the leather with a Crocodile one.

Going Further: Take the watch to a Watch Repair shop, have the dial's removed and either request them painted, or take it to a hobbyist (they model RC planes and boats) and have him/her paint it to your liking or have it colored a Royal Blue, Remember this is not for piracy purposes, its for fashion adaption of higher end styles that is not affordable to the general public.

Way further: replace the base with your own design, look at the high end base for inspiration, talk to a graphic's artist, have him/her construct a elegant Italian, Roman, or Swedish design and have the base plate laser etched to your liking, and painted with blue luminescent material.

Price: $585,000
Brand: DeWitt WX-1 Concept
Model: wx-1.36.m1100

As we go up in the ranks, its not a uphill battle anymore, its a mission to the moon...lets make the first jump

There is no affordable watch with the base and design like this, so we are going to create a similar one

Price: $795
Brand: Welder Men's K25-41000 Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Square Watch

Optional: Replace the watch original band with this special rubber coated base band or one to your liking..

Price: $4,794
Brand: Baume & Mercier Men's Hampton Square Rose Gold Watch
Model: MOA08825

A brushed Gold makes this one stand a hint more..

Optional: Replace the Leather band with a 27mm Alligator strap.

Price: $1,400,000
Brand: Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillion Mens Watch
Model: 5002G

Expert's only: This one will take about a year or two to make, why well its the details that count on this one and are way beyond what i could write in this single, yet even multiple post articles...good news is the determined and willed will find a way...thats your mission, if your up for it..

Price: $2,700,000
Brand: Vacheron Constantin Tour De L'lle Mens Watch
Model: 80250.000R.9145
The Holy Grail

Elitist Level: Making this one will be a story that would required a whole night just to tell how it was done, the creation of this will require the knowledge of every field imaginable in the construction and design that went into this watch, its very possible, but idea of this will scare almost 99% are some of the required knowledgeable parts to make this almost exact watch.

Required Knowledge
Quality Leather Grade's & spotting fake's
Engraving & laser Etching (Every known Metal Smithing Technique)
Graphic's and Design (Ultra-High High-Defition based Plate model) 
Theory in Metal design (Pearlescent Metals, unique colored)
Actually seeing the real model in display or in person (VIP Access)
Study of Horology (5+ years)

and having alot of insight when talking to experts in these fields, overall if you do go these extreme lengths you will have a million dollar watch within a few years..

Reading the Details and features of these high end watches are a bonus (furthers your knowledge), and will help you in building an excellent custom watch, but the only necessary skill for achieving the same effect, is general knowledge..