Alfani Shoes

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just yesterday i went shopping at the high-end stores of Fresno, CA (Fashion Fair Mall) and ive noticed a brand that had similar designs like Gucci, i just had to make a quick note of this brand, because i actually did like the quality and style and the price was just amazing, that i bought them.

Macys Store Carries them, and they are on sale at the given moment...

Price: $62.99
Brand: Alfani Shoes, Mile Ornament Suede Drivers

Immediately after buying them i tryed them on and test drove them around the mall, they felt very comfortable, and that's why they made it here, there an excellent alternative shoe that makes it's exception because of the price, overall it's a good buy, and i highly recommend it...

Bottega Veneta By Alex Prager

Friday, February 25, 2011

A plentiful amount of credit is going to Alex Prager for this photo-shoot, but the photographer is irrelevant to what i noticed in this picture, the style captured is very well done and required a youtube video to get a better glimpse of it.

The Ingenious Design mixed with a Classic style captures the essence of the adventurist, and grabs attention to the eye, the blazer is a sophisticated piece that brings elegance to a whole new level...

Be on the lookout for Blazer's like these for your Summer Collection..

Tom Ford - Scarves

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This style is reserved for heading out to the beach or having a casual day in the summer sun...

 This one is more for the nightlife, laid back also but very modern, the pants and belt, including the scarf make this stand out a bit...

Going to party ?, wear this it and it grab the attention of the female viewers, of course immediately say hi, the rest will be a breeze, i promise...

 Another casual look, take note's of the bound to come across one like this pretty soon...

Even a suede leather jacket can be worn in this summer, sometimes its a tab bit cooler at night, and you need something to keep you warm, well this style is also for you....

The Styles of Tom Ford are a  bit femine even to the straight guy, but im sure you can figure out, what to wear to man-up at bit, and add some accessories that will counter balance the effect...

Radio City Music hall - The Age of Glamour

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
A Rockette in training - Life Image Archive

Radio City Music Hall  - The Rockettes and Corps De Ballet

Radio City Music Hall

In the middle of the Depression - a theatre unlike any other in the world opened its doors  -the brainchild of the billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Jr  and built by RCA [ with the help of impressario Roxy Rothafel and the RKO group. Dubbed ' Radio City ' by RCA head David Sarnoff - it was to be a palace for the people - a place where an ordinary citizen could soak up and live - temporarilly - the glamour of the movies. It was to be a place where one could dream of better days.
The Art Deco interior design by Donald Deskey still stands as a monument to the age of glamour. It remains the largest indoor theatre in the world. Since 1933 - over 700 major movies have premiered there. The annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the spectacularly lit Rockefeller Center is still the nations favourite holiday destination.

The Rockettes

Herbert Gehr - Life -Rockettes Dressing Room -1944 - Life Magazine

The Rockettes played an integral role in many Radio City theatrical productions.Formed in 1929 as an answer to the Zeigfeld Follies Tiller Girls, they became an instant sensation when they danced at the opening of Radio City on December 27th 1932.

The Rockettes Rehearse - Bernard Hoffmann -Life -1941

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular - 2010

They were the quintessential American chorus line, drilled with military precision and style. They came to epitomise the age of glamour right  through the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. Choreographer Russell Markert, staged many stunning performances, with Radio City featuring a lavish live show every week, along with a  new movie ! Hollywood Movie Stars graced the doors of Radio City Music Hall at premiere after premiere. Below is an image of Cary Grant with the Rockettes.

Cary and the Rockettes !

Radio City Corps De Ballet

Radio City Corps De Ballet - Bernard Hoffmann - Life - 1941

Along with the kick line of the Rockettes, a nights entertainment usually included the Radio City Corps De Ballet, which provided a more asthetic glamour to the occasion.The RadioCity ballet Dancers had no ballet season.For them it was 365 days a year. Eventually these gruelling conditions were regulated by unions. Unlike the machine like Rockettes, the Radio City Corps de Ballet were a gentler alternative. They be have been ethereal on stage, but their punishing training schedule, proved that glamour meant pain !

All images courtesy of Life Magazine Image Archive

Radio City Corps de Ballet Reunion

The Rockettes Image Archive - 1930s to present

1938 Rockettes
1933 - The Radio City Rockettes
The Rockettes - 1944

The Rockettes Dressing Room -1956
Rockettes Rehearse - source Life 1964
The Rockettes -1965 - Life
The Rockettes - Time Warner

The rockettes in Dressing Room 2011 - source Lacey Lynch
The Rockettes 2010 Christmas Show

Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2011

Hey Everybody i just couldn't pass this opportunity of not tell you guy's, that the Miami Fashion Week is coming March 3 to 6, During these days you will see Beautiful women appear in the latest swimsuits and including elite styles for men also, take note's of this event very well because everybody will be watching this or maybe you will like to see it in person...?

There's still time to reserve for the VIP seating around ($500) in this show, but hurry because these tickets are gonna sell faster than you can say, what's going on...where!!!

Reserve a seat, before it sells out!

Not sure what this event is about check out the video below..

(Miami International Fashion Week 2010)

VIP Backstage Access London Fashion Week

(Bernard Chandran Backstage)

Believe it or not, some fashion is never made to hit the center spotlight (fashion runway) for a reason because making it look gay is not good enough anymore, the internet is evolving at astronomical rate and so is the source of getting information...

In this special review, we will take a different view on what i consider elite fashion, the backstage pass to The London Fashion Week (The images source's vary in year), Let's Begin!

(House of Holland, Backstage Rehearsal) 

(Designer: Henry Holland)

Wow this guys amazing, the jacket is something out of a scifi-steam punk movie, and his hairstyle matches the Clich├ęs of his theme, including down to the sneaker shoes, this is a fashion statement at its best, very well done!

(Designer: Paul Smith)

Intimidating at first, but looks can be quite deceiving, in the end though, he's a very outgoing fella from the look of the image above, very nice mix..

He is using a power suit with a modern button down shirt, and some modern shades, timeless watch, overall its a perfect piece for his age, he's a man of power and this design fits him very well for his age...

(Designer: Julien Macdonald)

Interesting, this guy's pushing the social limits indeed, the belt looks a bit femine but makes up, with it the manly watch, and pulled up sleeve's, the shirt is custom made indeed, a loose denim fit, take notes, this guy know's his stuff very well...

 (Aminaka Wilmont Backstage)

Some of the Fashion's backbone at work, pay attention to the items there are wearing, they live and breathe fashion, and they know first what happens before it even hits the runways...

(Julien Macdonald Backstage)

 This hairstyle (The guy of-course) is a perfect example of what is Attractive & Stylish...

I'm impressed with the Modern Military hat the guy with stripes is wearing (correct me if im wrong) it really does stand out from the rest of the crowd of panama hats, now thats being unique!

(Vivienne Westwood Red Label Backstage)

Take clue's on the belt he's wearing, and the guy with the checkered patterned shirt, believe me, they know fashion...

Conclusion: Overall I'm impressed by the backbone of the people helping this show become a reality, while some designers aren't too eager to push the limits, the helpers are the ones trying out new idea's, who knows maybe the model's are the ones giving advice to the stylers, either way...each year something new comes up, and like what everybody says, you only live once, so make it count and dress to impress..

Uncle Sam needs your Stockings !

Stockings for the war effort

Yep - Uncle Sam had a hankering for fully fashioned stockings after all. But not for wearing - no - for converting into powder bags which were used to propel missile projectiles in US Navy Guns.How romantic is that !?  In 1942, depots appeared everywhere appealing to women to dump their used stockings to help against the enemy !

Uncle sam needs your stockings !

James Long London Fashion Week

(Designer: James Long)

In just a few day's Designer James Long will announce his new line of styles for 2011 Autumn/Winter Under the Umbrella of NEWGEN MEN (The Best of British Menswear)

There's Always something refreshing to look at this London Fashion Week Schedule February 23, 2011

The idea behind this design is to look at it artistically, the color array of purple, blue, signify the color code for your accessories, being a Watch, Necklace, or Cufflinks...

 Your attention is grabbed by the side of the sweater, maybe its the first clue to use a graphic's design or maybe a artful pin to put on your shirt to make a style on the side, it will certainly be unique if you do find a shirt or style something similar like the above..

The Bright Purple is the Absolute center piece in this design, interesting technique though on the shorts, it's being folded up, to me it seems like an Elitist Cue..

The Artistic Styles you see here are for Summer 2011, just look at the Median of colors for your reference in your next buy, for what you want this year!

Jena.Theo London Fashion Week

Monday, February 21, 2011
(images from Nica Delon)

The First Impression is a hardworking man in his designs, and what seems to be the only one wearing a leather jacket...very nice!

Unfortunately there wasn't enough source's available online to compare, except for that one single image taken from a lucky woman that was backstage, and then again there's seems to be a ongoing pattern with designers...

Conclusion: Most of the Credit goes to Jena Holmes, she seems to be pushing the fashion limits alot more than Dimitris Theocharidis in public, ill give him bonus points for growing a beard and the leather jacket he's wearing, but overall it seems he's infused in his excellent work more than himself, ahh i guess you cant have both worlds...

Thornton Bregazzi London Fashion Week

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here we a see a modern looking couple, and a extremely very well dressed baby girl...the center of attention of-course, is there most cherished child...cute

There was a change when they went out in public, if you noticed his shirt, it doesn't have that same dark blue line like he did backstage(part of the 2010 Fashion Designs), and his shoes, changed also...its hard to tell, due to the low resolution images, but I'm pretty sure he switched, and got some more classy shoes on with the dark royal blue pattern...

The Pants have been rolled up a bit, its a classic timeless style, very nice...

Conclusion: I'm not sure if it was fear or hesitation of going public with a trend that has been set before or he just wanted to hide his originality from public, The plain black long sleeve shirt is a reserved method by farthest, no fashion statement except his pants and shoes, I'm honestly quite disappointed, since most of there Genuine Creativity is going to the child, the parents should be way more fashionable than they are but are playing it safe..

Paul Costelloe London Fashion Week

(Taken Backstage)

At our first glance you can see he's wearing a white thin scarf, quite the opposite of what the gucci models have been using recently, but one things consistent and its his tie, a while back anything with stripe's meant good fashion, now his tie has stripes and they are at a angle, the belt is brown...could the transition from black to brown, GQ covered it a while back (the new black is brown), plus he has what seems to be a very light linen shirt..

Interesting enough, his jeans aren't very bleached (they look more sharp) compared to what ive seen in the runway models...

Gray Two Button Blazer & Vest, with a Complimentary Light Blue Shirt, Classic Brown shoes,

Conclusion: The first image (taken backstage) seems to be the most correct fashion (pay close attention to everything), but from the looks of it, he's hiding his own style in public, dont get me wrong, the style he's using is good, but it seems to me, like he's mixing a timeless classic style with a hint of modern trends that everybody's wearing...not very original, from my perspective.

UPDATE 2/21/2011: Ive just recently found out that the first images of Paul Costelloe have been taken September of 2010, even though its old news, its still quite impressive looking back at his previous style...