Exclusive Denim Jeans Collection

Monday, February 7, 2011
Its been said, you get what you pay for in life, and this is exactly why you want to get these name bands, there expensive for being jeans, but of course there extremely fashionable to the point where you will get attacked by women everywhere you go...

Price: $180
Brand: A.P.C. Blue Petit Standard Jeans

What seems to have started as a chick trend eventually made its way into mens styles also, unique color in these pants bring out an attractive distinguished link between colored denim pants.

Price: $175

The pattern you see was made by the company, of course its obvious why its there, its made to grab the attention of the female viewer, and it does a good job at it.

Price: $161

A slightly different design for a different perspective, farmer style jeans, dont get me wrong theres nothing wrong with using this style, i actually encourage you to get these instead, there different from everything else..

Price: $319
Brand: True Religion Men's 'Joey' Super T Denim

First of the flared jeans, available for purchase now, its quite exciting now that after 2 months of waiting there finally out!

Price: $365
Brand: True Religion Mens Billy Black Grey Big QT Denim

Hidden from all the stores, ive saved the best for last, this one is obvious, the flared size just before it gets to the shoes, makes this the most modern pants ever fabricated to date, stylish, dark, modern...these pants will give you alot of milage before they go out of your wardrobe...