James Long London Fashion Week

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
(Designer: James Long)

In just a few day's Designer James Long will announce his new line of styles for 2011 Autumn/Winter Under the Umbrella of NEWGEN MEN (The Best of British Menswear)

There's Always something refreshing to look at this London Fashion Week Schedule February 23, 2011

The idea behind this design is to look at it artistically, the color array of purple, blue, signify the color code for your accessories, being a Watch, Necklace, or Cufflinks...

 Your attention is grabbed by the side of the sweater, maybe its the first clue to use a graphic's design or maybe a artful pin to put on your shirt to make a style on the side, it will certainly be unique if you do find a shirt or style something similar like the above..

The Bright Purple is the Absolute center piece in this design, interesting technique though on the shorts, it's being folded up, to me it seems like an Elitist Cue..

The Artistic Styles you see here are for Summer 2011, just look at the Median of colors for your reference in your next buy, for what you want this year!