Attractive Accessories - Bracelets

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
you will need backup if your gonna enter the Elite VIP room, and these badboys will back you up by 200%...

Price: $1,250
Brand: John Varvatos Ruby and Diamond Roundells Bracelet
Purple rock's will catch the eye of the opposite sex, and create the aura of mystery..

Price: $85
Brand: John Varvatos Braided Bracelet
Braided leather is the de facto of this summer trend, spice it up by going black...

Price: $750
Brand: Waves ID Collection Bracelet
Black Leather with Silver, its a flattering complimentary design..

Price: $1,500
Brand: Large Waves Sterling Silver Link Bracelet
The Silver is Engraved like it came from Royal king of the sea, its a very impressive design..