Gucci Bracelets Spring/Summer 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010
Guess whats gonna be hot this summer ? no its not the man bag, its the braided texture of the bangle bracelet, ah yes!

Price: $310
Brand: Tateossian Toggle Braided Leather Bracelet
Started in 1990, the company and grown into what seems to be the most Luxurious Cuff links company in the world, including winning the British fashion export award 3 times, they must be doing something right..
just browsing there website is eye candy for everybody, highly recommend checking it out!

if you look closely at his wrist, you can see clearly its a bangle bracelet, well unfortunately im against that, for a number of reasons, its too femine, no worry's I've found the predecessor of this design 26 years below

Price: $850
Brand: David Yurman Streamline Link Bracelet

Made with Sterling Silver, Braided exteriors, and black titanium shells, this elegant design makes it a keeper, but it gets more interesting David Yurman designed a signature cable bracelet back in 1983!!!, fast forward 2010 and the gucci's runway models are using it(minus the diamonds of course), now ain't that interesting, from my personal view, he's refined it, to what is now, a more modern timeless design.

MMXI New Years Eve 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010
i would like to thank everybody for visiting my website, i hope everybody's enjoying there new years eve at home with there families & friends, for a last minute special i will feature the next article of Gucci early in the morning..

Cheer's & a Happy New Years to a Bright Future!!!

Victor E.
Owner of the Elitist View

Those Dancing Flappers

This archive video features some stunning dance routines from the 1920's like the Charleston and Black Bottom dance. This was the disco dancing of that era. These social dances were essentially Jazz dances.

Another favourite of this blog is this video by Aaron1912  of Youtube.His channel is possibly the best resource for all things 1920's !

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Gucci Necklaces Spring/Summer 2011

Finding necklaces can be a daunting task, its the center piece of attention, so theres no room in messing up, like everything in a wardrobe, it has to work, no problem I've found the most fashionable one's available

If you take a close look at the picture (above) you can see how well hidden these necklace really are, after all its in the best interest of the elitist, after looking around, I've found these

Price: $570
Brand: Rapture by Edward Mirell Men's Titanium

You must wondering why the diamonds, well believe it or not, diamonds are becoming mainstream for men's jewelry, plus it grabs alot of attention from the opposite sex, in a good way, should that not convince you enough, its diamond characteristics and titanium grade metal make this an excellent piece for a formal event, for one it's the best dog tag, I've found without losing your manhood, but is still very stylish.

This one was tricky, you just cant find any Indian tribal based necklaces for men, unless its for women!
until i came across this one..

Price: $330
Brand: M. Cohen Design N707 Unisex

This fine piece, comes from a Designer born north of Israel started as a hobby for buying ice-cream, turned into a full time designer that is highly recognized by celebrities worldwide and is featured in television shows and movie films, this necklace is social proof, and will be a must have item, for the upcoming 2011 summer.

The Elitist View is Going Mobile!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yes its true, in about 2 weeks The Elitist View will become optimized for Mobile devices, and you will be able to surf my website from the comfort of your living room to outside at Starbucks while enjoying your coffee...oh yes life is beautiful.


With big pleasure I say goodbye to this year. It was hard and not so good I would like. Of course there were good moments for which I am grateful. It remains to hope that 2011 will be much better. I have special plans for next year and I hope they won't disappoint me.

Happy New Year guys!

Vintage Fashion - The History of Hemlines

The History of Womens Skirt Lengths

The rise began during the First World war as designers raised hemlines to above the ankle with the new 'Crinoline' . It was more practical and suited women who were working in increasing numbers in war production. In the years following the war, skirt lengths continued to rise, till the late 1920's
when they were above the knee. By the 1930's, hemlines began to fall again to above the ankle and remained there till the 1940's. In 1942, clothing rationing brought about actual regulations on womens clothing ! The UK had their 'Utility Clothes' regulations, and the USA introduced Regulation L85 which set skirt lengths to 17 inches above the floor. Interestingly, the Evening Dress has stayed near to or at floor length over the decades. It is often said that hemlines were only of concern to the working class, as wealthy women could afford the luxury of longer dresses in their lifestyle.

Christian Dior Measures for the future ! 1945

The Hemline Index

Do Womens Skirt lengths really rise and fall with the Stock market ?

In 1926 professor George Taylor from the University of Pennsylvania invented the hemline index.
It has proved incredibly accurate over the decades. The theory was that womens dresses rise and fall with stock prices in the modern age of Capitalism.. The stronger the economy, the shorter the skirts, the weaker the economy, the longer the skirt !

1920's - Huge rise in stock prices, and the shortest hemlines in history for women.

1930's - The crash also brought womens skirt lengths down to a more conservative height.

1940's - With the war and subsequent production boom that went with it, womens skirt lengths began to rise again.

1950's - Skirt and dress lengths remained at knee length during this decade, which reflected the conservative era and recovering economy.

 1960's - The boom brought us the Mini skirt !

copyright Glamourdaze 2010

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Gucci Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
well looks like winter is ending and summer's coming, and its time to gear up!

on this special review we will go over the detail's and look for them online!

first off, will will start with the sunglasses, yes its true gucci is bringing back what seems to be the reminiscence's of the 60's, it's ok flowers wont be on the list..promise!

If you take a close look at this picture, you can see the Tortoise design on the sunglasses, its a blend of 60's retro wayfarer with modern design.

Brand:Tod's Navigator Glasses Brown Havana
I've found these online, made in Italy, it comes a very reputable company that's been making shoe's and leather goods since 1920, iv chosen these because of the platinum signature handle (it tells people its modern, not vintage) you can find these glasses using these keywords on google "Tod's Navigator Glasses Brown Havana"

Next are the metallic aka gunmetal purple glasses, similar to the above, i honestly wouldn't wear em, but i would definitely wear these below!!!!

Brand: IC! Berlin Sunglasses Jesse
Similar Concept only a more modern design, indeed..

Just Looking at these is eye candy, a true work of art!, there produced by a company called IC! Berlin, started in 1999, all of there eye wear is made by hand, the fact that it comes made in Germany with an engineering grade so high, that its won and continues to win prestigious IOFT Awards (for technological achievements) from Toyko, Japan makes it a true champion, its a sophisticated exotic, and its stainless steel patented design, speaks for itself..

Hello Everyone!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi Everyone, I'm proud to announce that I've purchased The Elitist View a dot com, so its here to stay, I'm very excited to continue making future reviews and insights of whats to come of 2011, in the meantime happy new years, plus ill keep you guys posted on upcoming trends pretty soon!

Victor E.
Proud Owner of

The World's Most Expensive Cufflinks $300,000+

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Believe it or not, The Perfect Accessories make or break a fake design from a real one, and that's where i come in, now where this is gonna turn into a hot debate is the diamonds, lets be realistic 99% of the population cant burn 100,000$, or yet afford to throw real diamonds in the air, so to speak, unless you are the king of a country, fast forward a few hundred years, and the cubic zirconia is born, these diamonds are being produce to the point where they are so real, they can even fool the best Gemologist unless ofcourse they use a state of the art tool, not impressed yet ?

well it gets better, depending on how determined you are on quality grade, is how far you can pull off this look, don't worry, i wont leave any detail out, promise!

Here we have some White Gold Diamond Cufflinks - 14k Designer Diamond Cufflinks 1.67 cts.

and some more Expensive ones

Herzog 18k Solid White Gold and Diamond Cufflinks
72 Diamonds & White Gold Cuff Links
you must be wondering how in the world, are you gonna compete with these guys!!!
well remember the saying "knowledge is power", here is where it comes into play at 1/60th of the price & 1000x value, plus looks wise ofcourse ;)

check ebay under the keywords "CZ Cufflinks" only downfall to this it is made with Sterling Silver, so it will oxide's over time, regular maintenance should keep its shiny brilliance up

Sterling Silver CZ Barrel Cuff Links
Swarovski Crystal 18k Platinum Plated

or if you want to go my route, believe me it is worth it, find a fair sized Diamond Cufflink for example Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks and get the measurements or measure it yourself (you have to pull them out), and then find the Stones (cubic zirconia) but there is a catch, you are not buying ordinary CZ stones, you are buying the best in the world cz, Grade AAAAA, colorless Diamonds, Coming straight from Russia, yes the ones that flash so much pure white, that it will put a real one to shame...

14 x 1mm CZ (Ebay Keywords = 1mm CZ AAAAA)
and 1 big 14mm CZ diamond (colorless not purple)
(Ebay Keywords=14m CZ AAAAA)
when looking for one online, make sure the color is clear and the Clarity is a Grade D (colorless) or it will break the design, don't forget the 5 (AAAAA) its the cutting grade of the diamond, which is extremely important!!!

now you can do some research and buy the mounting Equipment (ebay) they look like special pliers or you can send it to a Jewelry place but expect to pay 15$ to mount each stone...

Overall, if you go all out on these cufflinks, you will be able to pull off any look, literally, so please don't lie if they ask you if there real, just tell em, there CZ , and that you perfected the cufflink yourself...which is pretty awesome by my standards!

Last note: Adding a White Solid Gold Ring with CZ diamonds will enhance this with your suit (which will cost under 500$)

The World's Most Expensive Suit for under 250$

Friday, December 24, 2010
This will be a walk in the park or will it ?, shall we continue...

Alright you heard of it, but it can you really afford it...maybe, but you have to be realistic, I've been to San Fransisco's top suit designers Gucci, Ralph Lauren a few months back and got quoted in the 4K to 100K dollar range, crazy huh...well believe it or not, if you love dressing nice...the adventure of finding one for under 250$ will be more fun, than paying 4,000$+ for one, trust me!

so lets round up what Millionaire suits have there hidden between the ranks

lets say you do buy one, its gonna be tailored, and its gonna come with some advice on making it look its best, for example detail, details!!
(check $300,000 Cufflink)

Ive found one company on Ebay called Bovan, there making suits I've never seen before, there style's are similar to Gucci's Runway Models, you can find it by typing the keywords on ebay "MT196 Shiny Slim Fit"
The Average price for the Style above goes around $4,000+
The reason, i choosed this one particularly, was because its bold and the fact that it has a semi-gloss shine, gives its edge in fashion.

Side note:The suit comes from Korea, meaning the sowing quality will be fair, please threat this suit like its valued at 100,000$ because abusing it will only make it last less than 3months, and youl be missing out on alot of compliments!!


Edgar Allan Poe

Есть свойства существа без воплощенья
С двойною жизнью: видимый их лик
В той сущности двоякой, чей родник
Свет в веществе, предмет и отраженье.
Двойное есть Молчанье в наших днях,
Душа и тело, берега и море.
Одно живет в заброшенных местах,
Вчера травой поросших; в ясном взоре,
Глубоком как прозрачная вода,
Оно хранит печаль воспоминанья,
Среди рыданий найденное званье;
Его названье: "Больше Никогда".
Не бойся воплощенного Молчанья,
Ни для кого не скрыто в нем вреда.
Но если ты с его столкнешься тенью
(Эльф безымянный, что живет всегда
Там, где людского не было следа),
Тогда молись, ты обречен мученью!

Я очень люблю Эдгара По за таинственность и мистику его рассказов и стихов. Некоторые из его произведений я перечитывала по многу раз, и всегда делала для себя новые открытия..
Но есть еще кое что. Меня всегда впечатляли иллюстрации к его рассказам. Автором является Гюстав Доре,невероятно талантливый французкий иллюстратор 19 ст.  Все его работы выполнены карандашом, игра света и тени. Моя любимая техника рисунка.

Я считаю,что "Молчание" один из лучших сонетов По. И мне захотелось проиллюстрировать его :)

Гюстав Доре (1832-1883)