Gucci Necklaces Spring/Summer 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010
Finding necklaces can be a daunting task, its the center piece of attention, so theres no room in messing up, like everything in a wardrobe, it has to work, no problem I've found the most fashionable one's available

If you take a close look at the picture (above) you can see how well hidden these necklace really are, after all its in the best interest of the elitist, after looking around, I've found these

Price: $570
Brand: Rapture by Edward Mirell Men's Titanium

You must wondering why the diamonds, well believe it or not, diamonds are becoming mainstream for men's jewelry, plus it grabs alot of attention from the opposite sex, in a good way, should that not convince you enough, its diamond characteristics and titanium grade metal make this an excellent piece for a formal event, for one it's the best dog tag, I've found without losing your manhood, but is still very stylish.

This one was tricky, you just cant find any Indian tribal based necklaces for men, unless its for women!
until i came across this one..

Price: $330
Brand: M. Cohen Design N707 Unisex

This fine piece, comes from a Designer born north of Israel started as a hobby for buying ice-cream, turned into a full time designer that is highly recognized by celebrities worldwide and is featured in television shows and movie films, this necklace is social proof, and will be a must have item, for the upcoming 2011 summer.