The World's Most Expensive Suit for under 250$

Friday, December 24, 2010
This will be a walk in the park or will it ?, shall we continue...

Alright you heard of it, but it can you really afford it...maybe, but you have to be realistic, I've been to San Fransisco's top suit designers Gucci, Ralph Lauren a few months back and got quoted in the 4K to 100K dollar range, crazy huh...well believe it or not, if you love dressing nice...the adventure of finding one for under 250$ will be more fun, than paying 4,000$+ for one, trust me!

so lets round up what Millionaire suits have there hidden between the ranks

lets say you do buy one, its gonna be tailored, and its gonna come with some advice on making it look its best, for example detail, details!!
(check $300,000 Cufflink)

Ive found one company on Ebay called Bovan, there making suits I've never seen before, there style's are similar to Gucci's Runway Models, you can find it by typing the keywords on ebay "MT196 Shiny Slim Fit"
The Average price for the Style above goes around $4,000+
The reason, i choosed this one particularly, was because its bold and the fact that it has a semi-gloss shine, gives its edge in fashion.

Side note:The suit comes from Korea, meaning the sowing quality will be fair, please threat this suit like its valued at 100,000$ because abusing it will only make it last less than 3months, and youl be missing out on alot of compliments!!