The World's Most Expensive Cufflinks $300,000+

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Believe it or not, The Perfect Accessories make or break a fake design from a real one, and that's where i come in, now where this is gonna turn into a hot debate is the diamonds, lets be realistic 99% of the population cant burn 100,000$, or yet afford to throw real diamonds in the air, so to speak, unless you are the king of a country, fast forward a few hundred years, and the cubic zirconia is born, these diamonds are being produce to the point where they are so real, they can even fool the best Gemologist unless ofcourse they use a state of the art tool, not impressed yet ?

well it gets better, depending on how determined you are on quality grade, is how far you can pull off this look, don't worry, i wont leave any detail out, promise!

Here we have some White Gold Diamond Cufflinks - 14k Designer Diamond Cufflinks 1.67 cts.

and some more Expensive ones

Herzog 18k Solid White Gold and Diamond Cufflinks
72 Diamonds & White Gold Cuff Links
you must be wondering how in the world, are you gonna compete with these guys!!!
well remember the saying "knowledge is power", here is where it comes into play at 1/60th of the price & 1000x value, plus looks wise ofcourse ;)

check ebay under the keywords "CZ Cufflinks" only downfall to this it is made with Sterling Silver, so it will oxide's over time, regular maintenance should keep its shiny brilliance up

Sterling Silver CZ Barrel Cuff Links
Swarovski Crystal 18k Platinum Plated

or if you want to go my route, believe me it is worth it, find a fair sized Diamond Cufflink for example Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks and get the measurements or measure it yourself (you have to pull them out), and then find the Stones (cubic zirconia) but there is a catch, you are not buying ordinary CZ stones, you are buying the best in the world cz, Grade AAAAA, colorless Diamonds, Coming straight from Russia, yes the ones that flash so much pure white, that it will put a real one to shame...

14 x 1mm CZ (Ebay Keywords = 1mm CZ AAAAA)
and 1 big 14mm CZ diamond (colorless not purple)
(Ebay Keywords=14m CZ AAAAA)
when looking for one online, make sure the color is clear and the Clarity is a Grade D (colorless) or it will break the design, don't forget the 5 (AAAAA) its the cutting grade of the diamond, which is extremely important!!!

now you can do some research and buy the mounting Equipment (ebay) they look like special pliers or you can send it to a Jewelry place but expect to pay 15$ to mount each stone...

Overall, if you go all out on these cufflinks, you will be able to pull off any look, literally, so please don't lie if they ask you if there real, just tell em, there CZ , and that you perfected the cufflink yourself...which is pretty awesome by my standards!

Last note: Adding a White Solid Gold Ring with CZ diamonds will enhance this with your suit (which will cost under 500$)