Men's Military Fashion 2011 / Insider Secret

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Well it looks like Military Fashion has become official, but thats problem now since everybody's wearing it, yeah i know the feeling...but here the catch aka (Insider's Secret) knowing 6 months in advance seems like a sweet spot for me (because thats just me), but where do you find Clothing that has not become mainstream yet, but looks very good ?

only a few places thats for sure, one is the Fashion Runway...the other is, guess ?

Its ebay, yes it looks like the Korean fashionist have been working very hard by being the bleeding edge to keep up with demand.

Unfortunately there is a catch to this, and sadly its there material..its cheap and the quality grade of the sewing is poor, and then theres the shrink problem after being in the washer...but thats another story.

My idea is mixing high class runway Fashion with imported low class to get a affordable damm good look, to me thats just white gold!

Conclusion:its was still a good investment to buy one for 14$ and try it out, plus nothing is more cool that getting compliments for something that you just cant buy at your local store, worse case scenario you look at the detail clue's on the clothing to look for in your next buy, for example (the upper arm patches aka rank identifier, Changing the color of the buttons)