Men's Luxury Aviator Watches / German Grade

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Its hard to say no to a killer looking watch, men always hate the regular everyday gifts but when you speak about military items, its gonna have him wondering what the heck is it!!

Here, i have two versions of Aviator Watches that offer tremendous Style for this upcoming year.
Price: $1,500
Brand: Engineer Masters II
The brown leather band gives this watch a timeless look, meaning you can get away with wearing it on almost everything, and its show piece trait is the numbers being inwards instead of the outwards, in its simple but yet sophisticated look. 

and the second one is still stylish, only a more affordable one

Brand: Messerschmitt 43mm Aviator Watch

Based on my personal advice, it really doesn't matter on the price as long, as you look good in it,
if you pay close attention, its the Signature Rivets, that adds value to this watch and the fact that it comes from Germany makes it far more reputable, for that's why it made it here.

Overall it makes fine piece, for a man to proudly wear this upcoming year!