Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday was one of the finest evenings.
Bogdan and Anastasia the most coolest, funniest, craziest people I ever know! With them I can always laugh for hours. Actually, what we did yesterday. Friendship tested by time and distance, so our friendship is more than 12 years.
When people around you for so long, they become part of you ...

skirt - Newlook
blouse-Pull and Bear


Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Florence and the Machine -Falling
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Hi guys!

Long time no see, but now I'm back and I'm planing to devote more time for my blog.
Summer time is going good! I'll have a couple more trips in August.Now I'm at home for a week.
Well, here are a few new photos.
Levitation is very fashionable now haha ​​X)
But I really love the creative guys from Lookbook.nu that inspired me!


The Final Post...

Thursday, July 7, 2011
This will be the final post in blogger, im switching to micro-blogging and transferring all the images and everything to it, in the next day or so, this website will become a tumblr site..

its whats going on...

Time to adapt! :)

See you guys in a few days!

The million dollar gift

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Today I tried the million dollar technique on this attractive women, surprisingly she got about 1 foot closer without me saying a word and smiled, I've switch the bad boy biker attitude aka (anger look) for this and its surprisingly working extremely well, I am getting buyers remorse now for not speaking a word, guess this is what happens when u jump out of a very social job and limit your speaking to only twitter and just paying the gas to do daily errands, my next goal is to push the envelope and literally compliment a girl and turn it into a instant date :)

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Mens Haircuts for different face shapes

Men today wish to be as much fashionable as women are these days which is why it is essential to choose right attire, accessories and hairstyle that suit your face cut and body shape.

When it comes to choosing men’s haircuts for different face shapes, you must be careful. Here are several options of haircuts that could go with different face cuts.

Men’s Hair Cut for Round and Square Face

If you have round face then you must opt for haircut that gives you a less fuller look. For this, have a lean cut in the sides so as to avoid volume and then for styling part, grab hair at the top and front side so as to give some neat look to hair. People who have round face could also try hairstyle for square face people. If you have square face, then just like round face you must have lean look at the sides. Styling must be done for top portion of head. You could take idea of the look by picturing David Beckham in your mind. These were some men’s haircut for different face shapes like square and round. More tips on short hairstyles for round faces.

Men’s Hair cut for oval and long face

If you have an oval face, then almost every hairstyle could go with your face cut. So, you need not worry about hair style as anything could suit you. Just make sure what ever you plan to do with your hair; you must use gel to settle the style. Also, when you have long face then you must go for haircut that makes your face look less long. For this, keep the hair short at the top and longer over the sides. Make a neat hairstyle with the help of gel. You must not try spikes if you have long face. If you have long face then make sure you do not grow your beard too long as it would further increase the length of face and that would make the whole point of having nice haircut useless.

Haircut for Triangular Face

If you have a triangular face cut, then you must have a cut that makes your chin look wide. For this, offset part along with hair pushed towards the side could help you. Also, have a nice beard so as to hide chin area. This is how you could achieve a great look even if you have this kind of a face cut.

So this was all for men’s hairstyle for different face shapes.
About the Author:
Perl is the editor of a popular hairstyles website Hairstylestalk.com, which offers new styling tips. For more ideas visit the site.

An idea...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Today will be my first day in trying out a different mentality, I'm currently reading a book that is based on day game, and from this day forward will log every meeting and interaction, while some has been true that i don't make complete decisions, I do my best to seize an opportunity went it does comes by, and this is by far the hardest part since I am very reserved socialite person, my life has been a bit secretive, not that i don't like talking about it, its just that i don't find a reason to brag or an excuse to talk about it, and now that I've found a purpose to continue my writing, be it fashion, dating, or just my personal notes, it will be a life's story that will sure captive everyone...

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Hey guys

I know I haven't been posting for awhile now, and I honestly will not leave this is the last blog post but will shift my attention to a more personal level, this website is my dream and I will not lose it, I promise, stay updated its gonnna get personal.

The Elitist View 3.0 Web Redesign

Friday, July 1, 2011
Hey guys, in the next few days i will permanently change the website layout to a Twitter and Facebook stream in the most elegant and sophisticated layout.

The Website will still blog but its future will be based on the current social trends micro-blogging, ill keep you guys updated in the following days via twitter stream @Elitistview