1930's Fashion Dress a Winner at Galway Races !

Friday, July 30, 2010
Vintage Style wins at Galway Races !

Vintage Fashion is definitely in this year at Irelands most
stylish gathering of fashionistas - The Galway Races.

While the bookies saw red, the ladies wore every colour imaginable
and the standout winner this year is a stunning 1930's style ensemble worn by Annmarie O Leary.
She was awarded the most stylish lady - and on her 40th birthday too !
A body hugging silhouette in cool ivory, this dress is the epitome of
elegance and femininity.
It pretty much swept away the tacky bling of the competition.
The dress is designed by Karen Moriarty, and her sequinned hat,
decorated with chrysanthemums was made by local millinery expert Carol Kennelly.
The bow on the shoulder was Annmaries own idea.
" I wanted an elegant, ladylike, comfortable outfit, as I love feminine clothes !" said Annmarie, who runs A New Leaf, an online wedding florist business.
Researched from vintage vogue patterns, the dress was created using carefully placed seams and darts!
Her pal Carol had previously won a best dressed award at the Galway Races .
" It was a hobby until I gave up my job at the Carlton Hotel in Tralee, and went into full time hat making."

The other standout winner was The Best Hat prize, which went to Galway-born surveyor Aoife Ryan, who wore a spectacular headpiece, an incredible creation in black straw, bought by her sister Ailish in New York.

Hats off to all these stylish women, who are proving by example that vintage glamour is back in and unbeatable.

Original source material-  Bairbre Power - Irish Independent.

1940's Fashion - A Vintage Guide to being glamourous

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
1940's Womens Fashion Guide to being Glamourous

A womans guide to being glamourous in the late 1940's by
the infamous Miss Ratherly Stern.The latest 1940's Vintage Fashion Guide !

Learn first hand from a womens etiquette expert, how to possess the
mysterious quality known as vintage glamour!
A little touch of seasoning that makes a dish just right.
Suppose you get too much seasoning ? Glamour is just the same !

Poise and charm are personality traits, so what do they have to do with clothes makeup and hair ?

Well - poise, as you know is simply a state of mind !
It comes as a result of confidence in the way you look .
If you know you look well, your clothes are right and your
makeup natural, your hair neat ... the assurance of all these things
brings a woman that elusive poise !

Charm is the ability to make other people comfortable and happy
in your company.
That means you must forget yourself and concentrate on putting
the other person at their ease.
No woman can do this successfully if she's worried about the way she looks
and is asking these following sorts of questions.
" Is my lipstick on straight  or have I a run in my stockings ? "
" Is my hemline even ? "

The way we look exerts so much influence on the way we feel
and on the way other people feel about us, that it really is very important.

1940's Dress, Hairstyle and Makeup

When I talk about good appearance or looking your best, it's natural
to think it's about clothes, hairstyle or makeup.
Well, believe it or not, these are just the trimmings - like the icing on a cake.
If the cake is no good, then you soon lose interest in the icing.

Basically, good health and physical care are the foundations of beauty.
We all want a lovely skin, shining eyes, a beautiful smile and loads of pep, but we can't have them, except in a clean and healthy body.

There's no substitute as a daily bath for the groundwork of
daily glamour !
Brilliant teeth need brushing !
Clean hair means frequent and thorough shampooing !

A good nights sleep comes next to cleanliness as a beauty base.
I've seen lots of sparkling eyes and good complexions suffer
from listening to swing records at bedtime !!

There's a lot of wisdom in that old expression - beauty sleep !

Let's remember what we were tought in home economics about
a well balanced diet.

Meat, cheese,eggs or fish, milk,butter, bread, fresh fruit, especially
citrus fruits, green and starchy vegetables, and of course some sweets! But please go easy on fried food.

Beautiful skin, vitality, sparkling hair all begin with a balanced diet.
So watch it girls - it pays big dividends.
Then there's excersise !
Try and spend some time every day, outdoors developing the grace
that comes from toned up muscles and a complexion that goes
with good circulation.

copyright Glamourdaze 2010

Lisa Freemont Street and Classic Retro Glamour - Queens of Vintage Hair Tutorials

Monday, July 12, 2010
Vintage Inspired Hair Tutorials

Now Glamourdaze do not normally do reviews, as it is a after all an archive of fashion and beauty,
 [ i.e old stuff ]  but every now and then, this rule must be bent a little.

With all the fabulous vintage hairstyle tutorials now on youtube [ our favourites being Classic Retro Glamour and Lisa Freemont Street ! ] .

Both these hair stylists quite simply provide the best vintage hair tutorials on the web in my opinion.

Ashley  - Lisa Freemont Street -

This girl probably needs no further introduction by now to many vintage fashion enthusiasts.Her youtube channel has an astonishing 13,000 plus subscribers. Her tutorials are awesome and her blog is a great resource for reviews in all things vintage fashion.How she finds the time to be so prolific
is astounding.her latest series is called the animated angels.

Lisa Freemont Street

Karina - Classic Retro Glamour

My friend Karina - the woman behind Classic Retro Glamour is a more recent arrival on the scene, but she has certainly created some waves [ no hair pun intended] since she started.Not only is she beautiful but has an adoreable personality to match her considerable talents as a hair stylist.Now also with a burgeoning vintage fashion blog, I predict that she will be as well known as Lisa Freemont Street before this year is out. They could be, in fact should be sisters ! Karina has just started a new series devoted to Pin Curls.

Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories - Belles Blossoms

Both Karina and Ashley have been modelling flowers from vintage hair accessory designer Belle Blossoms.
Designer Heather provides unique and quality vintage inspired hair flowers, retro bows, and fascinators for Dolls & Dames amd here's just a few examples. Go ahead and visit this unique little shop!

1920's Women's Fashion Revisited

1920's Vintage Fashion Revisited

This rare 1920's fashion archive colour film found by GlamourDaze features some stunning 1920's dress styles from the spring of 1928. Here it is again with a breakdown of each item of clothing as worn by some well know women of the late 1920's.

For more sizzling posts and videos about 1920's fashion visit:
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1920's Makeup History

1920's Dress Fashion - Corliss Palmer

A most striking feminine chapeau is brought forth in wavecrest green,
with Pascecan ecru lace trim, in large flare style, so becomingly worn by Corliss Palmer.

1920's Dress Style -  Rachel Torres

Rachel Torres decides that a two piece felt set,cloche hat
and bag to match with appliqued flowers of felt,
is just the right dash for early spring wear.

1920's Cloche hat - Laura La Plante

A black and white chapeau of felt, chosen by Laura La Plante.

Vintage 1920's coat - Ruth Elder

Charming Ruth Elder lends grace to this smart ensemble
Pur Le Sport coat with stitched embroidery.

copyright 2010 Glamourdaze

Buy Vintage Retro 2011 Calendars

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Decorate your vintage kitchen with some beautiful Vintage Fashion Art  and Retro Humour Calendars

Vintage Calendars and Retro Calendars have become increasingly popular in recent years.
With the success of Mad Men, the glamour advertising art of the 1940's
and more particularly the 1950's have created a huge surge in interest in those halcyon days.

In the 1950's consumer advertising was quite condescending toward women, and the modern retro calendar like Retro Mama employs modern quotes with witty retrospectives on what she has to say about it now !

Check out some fabulous Glamour Fashion calendars in the Vintage Calendar Store.

1940's Shoes - A Vintage Shopping Guide

Friday, July 2, 2010
The Ultimate Shopping Guide in 1940's vintage style shoes for women

You may have already decided what colour
you wish in your retro or vintage style shoes
and whether you need them for general wear,
dress wear or sports.
But as shoes of any genre differ in so many ways,
you may wish to discover the key styles before you
go shopping for that all important 1940's fashion item !

Most women think of the classic Mary Jane style shoe,
but there's a wealth of interesting names that
no vintage fashionista should go without knowing!

Women's shoes in the 1930's and 1940's were classified as oxfords, pumps, sandals,  and boots ( high shoes).

1940's Oxfords were sturdy and desirable for general-purpose wear because they gave support to the arches and ankles.
Military oxfords were especially popular and serviceable.
Dress oxfords, commonly called ties, were used for dress occasions

1940's Pumps appeared lighter in weight and provided less support than oxfords: many were suitable for wear on dress occasions and for shorter periods of time.

1940's Sandals could appear light or heavy and be worn for sports or evening, depending upon the styling and the materials.

Heels were increasingly popular among women through the 1930's and 1940's and had various names to indicate their height and shape and to describe the material they were made from. For example, there were military heels, low and broad:
Cuban heels, medium in height and less broad than military heels:
Continental heels (thin cuban); high Cuban or French.

Some heels were made of leather and others of wood, but covered in leather ( more common in the more meagre dress code days of the second world war ).

A flat heel was very common, being the most practical, for home, school, or work.

The toes of womens shoes in 1940's fashion were round or square, boxed or soft, open or closed.
The type of shoe you wore made a big difference in how tall you looked or atleast how long your legs appeared.
Shoes with broad instep straps made legs look shorter; low cut oxfords and pumps without ankle straps made legs look longer !

Just to finish off, I'll bet you never heard of a Fluoroscope !
Shoe Fitting was a science those days, as were many aspects of a womans look.

The Fluoroscope for shoe fitting was seen in all shoe stores in the 1940's. It consisted of a vertical wooden cabinet with a hole into which you placed your feet. When you looked through one of the three viewing ports you would see a fluorescent image of the bones of the feet and the outline of the shoes !

Also found this on Modern Mechanic - which highlights a shoe breaking in service for women. Now that's service with an ouch !

When buying vintage retro style shoes as apposed to original shoes, these online stores all come with good reputations:

Revival Retro - which also sells a lovely vintage line in clothing - especially like the Land Girl
outfits !

Dance Store.com ship dance shoes all over the world and are run by genuine jitterbugging

Remix Vintage Shoes from LA are a virtual museum of period shoes and they have
a very impressive range of vintage retro style shoes

Vintage Vixen - one of the oldest vintage fashion clothing sites on the web,
have a considerable collection from all genres and they ship all over the world.

copyright glamourdaze 2010