Lisa Freemont Street and Classic Retro Glamour - Queens of Vintage Hair Tutorials

Monday, July 12, 2010
Vintage Inspired Hair Tutorials

Now Glamourdaze do not normally do reviews, as it is a after all an archive of fashion and beauty,
 [ i.e old stuff ]  but every now and then, this rule must be bent a little.

With all the fabulous vintage hairstyle tutorials now on youtube [ our favourites being Classic Retro Glamour and Lisa Freemont Street ! ] .

Both these hair stylists quite simply provide the best vintage hair tutorials on the web in my opinion.

Ashley  - Lisa Freemont Street -

This girl probably needs no further introduction by now to many vintage fashion enthusiasts.Her youtube channel has an astonishing 13,000 plus subscribers. Her tutorials are awesome and her blog is a great resource for reviews in all things vintage fashion.How she finds the time to be so prolific
is astounding.her latest series is called the animated angels.

Lisa Freemont Street

Karina - Classic Retro Glamour

My friend Karina - the woman behind Classic Retro Glamour is a more recent arrival on the scene, but she has certainly created some waves [ no hair pun intended] since she started.Not only is she beautiful but has an adoreable personality to match her considerable talents as a hair stylist.Now also with a burgeoning vintage fashion blog, I predict that she will be as well known as Lisa Freemont Street before this year is out. They could be, in fact should be sisters ! Karina has just started a new series devoted to Pin Curls.

Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories - Belles Blossoms

Both Karina and Ashley have been modelling flowers from vintage hair accessory designer Belle Blossoms.
Designer Heather provides unique and quality vintage inspired hair flowers, retro bows, and fascinators for Dolls & Dames amd here's just a few examples. Go ahead and visit this unique little shop!