Christmas Pin-up Girls - Download

Monday, November 21, 2011

To compliment Glamourdaze's 2012 Vintage Fashion Calendars, you can now download a beautiful Christmas Pin-up calendar for the month of December. Add a little vintage glamour from the 1920s, 1920s and 1940s to your kitchen or office wall.

Christmas Pin-up Cards also available from Glamourdaze at Zazzle along with ready printed
Vintage fashion Calendars for 2012.

Christmas Pin-up Cards at Zazzle

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What Katie Did for Christmas !

Friday, November 18, 2011

What Katie Did for Christmas !

If you're planning to wrap up up for winter in some luxurious vintage retro style lingerie, then isn't it time you sent that order off to Santa now !

Vintage Lingerie and Corsets

What katie Did, the reigning queen of faux-vintage undergarments and hosiery are taking orders now for Christmas, and what a feast of glamorous goodies they have on offer.

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Striking lingerie, bras, corsets,shape-wear, fully fashioned stockings and hosiery, sexy gloves and swimwear [ nothing like planning for next summer right now !] vintage make-up from Besame Cosmetics, glamorous vintage Christmas cards and so much more. Certainly enough to get any vintage girl watering at the mouth and their partners pulse rate racing !

Striptease Lingerie

Their range is quite simply unique and unbeatable. It's no wonder that they're fast becoming the underwear designers of choice by many a Hollywood actress.Highly recommended by Glamourdaze.

Vintage Make-up

You can also order from the luxurious vintage make-up range from Besame Cosmetics, beautifully presented by pin-up start Fleur de Guerre
Finally, to get you vintage style women in the mood, have a look at our video dedicated to the Age of Glamour.

Orange November.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a wonderful day! The first sunny day  of this month. So tired of these leaden clouds! All that I want to do in these dark days :sleepsleep, sleep, read, read, read sad books:)
But the sun returns to active life, hope there will be more days like this one!

The Cloche Hat

Friday, November 11, 2011
The Cloche Hat

The french word for 'bell', the Cloche was repudiated to have been invented by the famous ' queen of the milliners' Caroline Reboux. She operated her shop at 9, avenue Matignon, Paris from the 1860s and became the most sought after of milliners in the early days of Haute couture.Among her clients was Marlene Dietrich, who made the french beret famous.

But it was the iconic Cloche hat which became famous in the 1920s never was there a woman's hat that became so synonymous with an era than the Cloche.Structured from felt, Reboux would make the hat by placing a sheet of felt on her customer's head and then cut and fold it to a bell like shape.
It is generally recognized that the Bob haircut came after the Cloche.

The  1920s Cloche Hat Shape.
The Cloche Hat -Glamourdaze

Starting with Caroline Reboux, the hat began life with a wider brimmed bonnet, and as the decade advanced became more tight fitting. By the end of the decade, the Cloche hat was larger , covering more of a girls face and able to accommodate longer hair again.

Construction and styles.

The Changeling -Angelina Jolie

Usually made from felt, they were designed to cover a woman's forehead, which gave her a sense of protection in public. Famously, Angelina Jolie, who made the Cloche hat famous again by her demure hat styles in the film The Changeling, testified to this fact. The Art deco fad strongly influenced the outlines of the cloche hat, especially in the brim or in the style of the seam-work. Applique decoration became fashionable and many women favored embroidered designs as well. By the early 1930s the hat fell from fashion, but is once again popular, thanks in part to its popularization by films like the aforementioned Changeling.
The hugely successful series Boardwalk Empire, will no doubt will start featuring them soon as the popular series moves through the 1920s.

Twiggy from The Boyfriend

This is a short film compiled from images in Sears catalog of 1925.