Gucci Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
well looks like winter is ending and summer's coming, and its time to gear up!

on this special review we will go over the detail's and look for them online!

first off, will will start with the sunglasses, yes its true gucci is bringing back what seems to be the reminiscence's of the 60's, it's ok flowers wont be on the list..promise!

If you take a close look at this picture, you can see the Tortoise design on the sunglasses, its a blend of 60's retro wayfarer with modern design.

Brand:Tod's Navigator Glasses Brown Havana
I've found these online, made in Italy, it comes a very reputable company that's been making shoe's and leather goods since 1920, iv chosen these because of the platinum signature handle (it tells people its modern, not vintage) you can find these glasses using these keywords on google "Tod's Navigator Glasses Brown Havana"

Next are the metallic aka gunmetal purple glasses, similar to the above, i honestly wouldn't wear em, but i would definitely wear these below!!!!

Brand: IC! Berlin Sunglasses Jesse
Similar Concept only a more modern design, indeed..

Just Looking at these is eye candy, a true work of art!, there produced by a company called IC! Berlin, started in 1999, all of there eye wear is made by hand, the fact that it comes made in Germany with an engineering grade so high, that its won and continues to win prestigious IOFT Awards (for technological achievements) from Toyko, Japan makes it a true champion, its a sophisticated exotic, and its stainless steel patented design, speaks for itself..