Color Trends / Spring-Summer 2011

Monday, December 20, 2010
After a few mins of looking online, its not hard to imagine guessing what colors are gonna be next, if yet next to impossible since its mostly gonna be thrown in the air, orange suit ? yeah, i honestly dont feel it...unless ofcourse its a party!

The next piece's im going to show you are based style and boldness

 Be on the lookout for this light brown suit jacket, its a classic piece that can mix with any light colors in your wardrobe, and yes it grabs alot of attention mixed with white pieces, from my experience.

To me this is the Bold Don Sexual Mafia look, makes excellent for just traveling around, the statement this makes is pure Alphamale, since you cant do nothing with it (to keep it clean)you order people around instead, dont believe me ? try this style, you will have people literally constantly eyeballing you (just remember, smile to the lady's)
and as for this, the center pieces for the more adventurist, the main colors are yellow,green, purple, and orange, but it seems like yellow and green are the dominant colors of  the upcoming summer, avoid them since its gonna be mainstream pretty soon, instead go for colors like purple, hint of orange, med ocean blue on the stripes, plus the more eye catching stripes are the 45 deg slope ones, so be in the lookout for them.