The Most Attractive Summer Ties

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being in business is a fact of life, it's how we succeed and move up in life, from a small get together to a huge formal event, you have to be ready and being part of that, is a tie, well here i have a collection of the most fashionable ties to date!

Price: $550

There seems to be a transition from men wearing diamonds on their watches to it arriving on neckties, and honestly its just gonna get better, why....well a diamonds is a women's best friend of-course!

Price: $480

Minimalist mixed with attention grabbing red, its a red tie, and it does a good job at it being a centerpiece, opting for more attention, wear this one..

Price: $635
Brand: Stefano Ricci Patchwork Mixed-Design Tie

Most fashion statements are done with clothes but sometimes, the biggest statements are the small ones, for example these right here, there mixed patterns that i have not seen anywhere around..

Price: $1,245
Brand: Stefano Ricci Crystal-Pattern Tie

Sometimes you have to save the best for last, and this necktie is armed with crystals, who knows maybe in the future they will go with real diamonds and create the $50,000 necktie...

not to worry though, ill feature it if they do..