The Denim Hunt, Before it goes mainstream...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Its everywhere and its popping out like squirrels that have been waiting all winter long, yes spring is arriving fast, and its especially important that we get ready for what is soon to be the next big giant wave in the fashion world.

Price: $653
Brand: Dsquared Washed Light Denim Slim Shirt
Straight from Italy, its quite an exciting feeling receiving something in the mail thats out of the USA, the quality is elite and so is style..

Price: $283
Brand: Closed Distressed Washed Denim Shirt
This my personal pick of the best, again dont let the price judge your purchase..

Price: $526
Some dark jeans will work with this, followed by a woven belt.. 

Price: $551
Brand: Neil Barrett Denim Shirt

Interesting a military denim shirt, nevertheless, this is the relaxed version of the tight shirt, remember if you dont feel comfortable in the tight style, your best bet is wearing this one.