Mens Fashion - Signature Blazer's with attention grabbing patterns.

Monday, January 31, 2011

First piece you notice is the blazer, why..well its the signature crocodile skin, but from an elitist perspective its saying, make the blazer grab alot of attention...

Price: $395

At the first look, you must be must be wondering whats so special about this one, well since denim trend is making the come back, mixing this textured blazer with anything will be very attention grabbing, in a good way.. 

Bomber jackets will dominate this winter, and new forms and designs are also coming this year, its very exciting to see new styles updating a older vintage style with a modern one...

Price: $898
Brand: Marc Jacobs Suede Jacket

Its the first Suede Military jacket Ive seen in this dark dolphin colored style, its unique and rare..