The Exclusive, D&G Empire Icon Symbol Revealed

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This one has been kept secret for years, and only a few people know its important's and impact that it holds in the world, elite fashion is constantly evolving, and making it exclusive to only the rich & famous, and of course the gay community, this is how its kept from spreading like a wildfire worldwide.

From a straight man's perspective, he grabs a fashion magazine looks at some pictures and base his decisions on what he finds attractive, the obvious is a guy pictured with 3 girls looking at him in a sexual manner, only to find out the every other guy is wearing the same outfit, while only a few image's that you might even find offensive (gay based) are the actually the upcoming elite trends.

And just like getting the courage to walk up to an attractive women, the same skills apply to the fashion world, bottom line it takes alot of guts and the right mindset to get results, in the end, you enter the world of the elite, and in this world, you see from a different perspective, a designers vision.

Where patterns are emerging, and colors are starting to expose themselves in plain sight, The Elitist View will teach you on how to look for these patterns, once you figured it out, you will be able to make elite decision's based on whats current, and the journey of your's will begin.