The Colin Farrell Style From Miami Vice $30,000+

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sun's coming out, and the beautiful women are everywhere, and now is the time to look your very best, your not imitating a millionaire, your dressing like one, im going to complete a suit, on what i would personally wear when im around san diego beach, the look is impeccable, and will definitely get you more than you can handle, but you knew that right, just remember to smile.

Price: $390
Brand: Roberto Cavalli Blazer

Unfortunately, the availability for this Blazer is extremely limited, on this brand of course, grab it, before someone else does..

Price: $700

Stripes are the future, after spending some time with San Fransisco's Top Suit Designer's, rest assured this material pattern cant be duplicated...

Price: $255

Finding an elite style is like traveling the jungle, its never easy, but its well worth the effort in the end, why, because in return, the diamond found in the jungle is the positive feedback that you will get back, its beyond of what i could even describe in this website.

Price: $490
In the fashion world, design comes first, comfort last, i say never ever do that, why because if your uncomfortable in anyway, it will affect your confidence, and with that in mind, any suit or design will simply not create the aura was designed for..

Price: $163
Brand: Tateossian London Tiger Eye Pebble Cufflinks

This company seems to surprise me every time, they got there fashion cue's right, These Tiger cuff-links leap out for attention, they're rhodium plated to keep the lustre at its peak, and will remain untarnished for a lifetime.

Price: $26,350
Brand: IWC Big Pilot's Watch IWC-IW500422

This is your ace up your sleeve, yes its modern, its expensive, and it will make every girl, that comes in contact with it, make her look at you like your proposing to her, it will be kodak moment everytime...

Price: $7
Brand: Men's Wearhouse sky blue 100% Silk Pocket Square
Dont let the price fool you, its the extra detail's of this miami design, that complete this suit.

Price: $345
Brand: Mont Blanc Brown Sunglasses MB216S

you need something that keeps your eyes in the shade, its a war out there...this aviator design, does that in style..

Price: $908

Pack a few hundred's and a few elite credit cards, and this money clip should be ready for the nightlife

That Complete's the Miami Vice Persona, for about $30,000, its quite an luxurious investment, but honestly you cant buy back your youth, so carpe diem it, other than that..ill cya guys around!!