D&G Shirts Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Thursday, January 20, 2011

With so many colors to drive a poor guy crazy, it leaves to one bottom line, texture not color, this year is not about dressing up like a soldier, like many are saying, this year its about attitude, then what better than trying new methods of styles.

Price: $175
Brand: Arnold Zimberg check woven shirt Navy Lime

checkered pattern with sleeves up, the attitude attire is key..

Price: $250
Brand: Versace Collection Herringbone Sportshirt

This shirt is modern, and there is none like it, litterally!

Yikes!! there's something unmanly about wearing flower's thats gonna be the trend this year, you actually have two choice's un-man up and go flower power, or start getting extremely creative and figure out, that there has to be another way....there is, one...

actually there's quiet a few..

Price: $295
Brand: Armani Collezioni Linen Sportshirt

What the designer is trying to say is Pattern Pattern...Patterns, its in the eyes of a creator, but it doesnt have to be flowers in can be printed designs or certain textured patterns repeating, like those found in womens clothing, remember the style is designed to be very deceiving on the runway, only to find out its harmless once you get the idea of it...

one small note, stay away from dot patterns, its becoming mainstream and will soon become obsolete!

Soon to be the future replacement of the v-neck, The Cardigan..

Price: $780

one word comes out...wow, this is a really impressive design, the patterns are simply amazing, and its extremely flattering to the opposite sex.