The Daniel Craig Style From James Bond / Luxury Watches Edition

Monday, January 17, 2011

On this special limited edition Persona, i will cover the upcoming modern watches, and review a few elite brands..

Price: $100,000

i find this watch so appealing, that it doesnt show enough detail in the crafts-work on this first image, that i have to show you another picture of this masterwork..

its amazing how the human race is capable of such astonishing engineering..

Price: $102,000

for those with the high end concept trend, this is for you..

its alien orbital satellite hour movements, makes this look like it came from 2040, or did it ? and somehow teleported back into our era, it gets better...only 10 in the world, its more exotic than a Lamborghini..

Price: $5,700

This one is really impressive, Ive never seen a extremely discrete watch like this before, its ready for night-operations..

Price: $119,000

The Creator of this watch must have had a childhood experience with a exotic car in the past, for which it leaded to this design, its speaks one universal word, speed, and this watch carries it!

Price: $4,000+

you must be wondering, if Lamborghini had anything to do with this watch, well it didn't, but I'm sure the creation idea came from the 2011 lamborghini siesto elemento.