Men's Handkerchiefs / Inspired By Gucci

Monday, January 24, 2011

Most of you must be wondering is this really an Elitist Technique or a Trend, well its actually a trend since its repeatedly shown over a few runway models, and only a few actually make it into Elite Technique's for obvious discrete reason's..

For pattern and style, the first obvious idea is color matching, but except for the last picture you will notice its not in the same color of the suit or the accessory colors, so it means it can be any color, including bold colors, the main base it being ruffled outside so it boldly stands out, instead of the formal folded handkerchief.

and now for the bad news, you cant buy it yet...i know it, for a fact, its how it's elite community stays that way, so it leaves to two options wait till its available for purchase or...

consider making one yourself, and honestly it take's just 10mins of you time to create this cut and trend, and once you got it made, dont be surprised if the social doors start opening from people in higher places, its an elite community that understand's only people that speak there language, and this is the key towards that white gold entrance.

Price: $59

Simple and Clean, Excellent choice with white beachwear suit's..

Price: $49
Textured designed make's this one stand out more, made for the nightlife scene ofcourse..

if you really wanted to step it up a notch, and really stand out from the crowd of elitist, you could do a color fade like similar to the one below, with bleach or mixing color dye's.

once you buy the scarves, cut to size, for it to fit on your suit pocket, and it will instantly vibrate the attitude it was made for..