D&G Pants Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Friday, January 21, 2011

D&G has out done themselves, i couldn't find belt-less pants around, except for the 2 button design which isn't modern at all, and because they have to be bell bottoms that are slightly larger than boot cut pants, because thats the next big thing, it leaves us with one exception if you cannot find current modern fashion, it leaves me with no choice but to jump into my own elite style, this is a rare opportunity indeed, this is my world , and i welcome you to it....

Price: $190

Remember this year is all about attitude, and this one packs it..

Price: $350

This is a high fashion pants that its even on sale!!, notice how it expands slightly bigger than boot cut, want to step it up a notch, wear it now...youl be ahead of the game by 6 months, so by the time every guy gets it that fitted pants are no-more, it becomes mainstream, you be smiling because you will be ahead of the game again...now aint that sweet ?

here's a sneak peak of what the mens pants fashion trend is coming up...

Unfortunately there's nothing available at the given moment to buy, so there will be a part 2 on the D&G pants near spring, or until the stores start releasing new clothing, in the meanwhile stay tuned..