Gucci Suits Spring/Summer 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Life is to short to be the regular good looking guy, talking about a suit bold enough to impress an audience of a thousand, if not millions, its something that an celebrity would proudly wear to the Grammy awards, yes this is the list..

First off the Double-Breasted Style is a big hit, its formal Military design being the stepping stone last year, will be big hit once again this summer!

Price: 320+$
Brand: BR Monogram Wool Double-Breasted Nail-Head Suit Blazer

Creating a 3 Pocket design seems to fill the onlooker with intrigue, fashion has no practical use, other than its cause and image, and its sense of authority being it, that it does successfully..

The next one was a tab harder to decipher, even to a trained eye, it got me wondering, and it ended up being the color of the buttons, luckily i did find one company that offer this exact pattern!

Price: 2065$
Brand: Maison Martin Margiela

dont be picture shocked by this upper artistic image of the brand, it was intended that way, but if your reading this early, you will be one of the lucky few, that can still get there hands on one for under $1000, before the trend catches mainstream...

The next one, you wont find it in Gucci's runways, because the pattern cant be shown...ill show you instead

Price: 935+$
Brand: Lanvin Fine Merino Blazer

This one is the holy grail, yes its the modern v-neck shirt transformed into a double-breasted wool blazer, with a catch, its manly, and its got the military to back it up, indeed somebody had to mix it up this year, i know it will pass on pretty quick from a guys perspective, overall keep a lookout for this design (light colored preferred) in any store, as it will be coming up a warhead set on its target!