VIP Backstage Access London Fashion Week

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
(Bernard Chandran Backstage)

Believe it or not, some fashion is never made to hit the center spotlight (fashion runway) for a reason because making it look gay is not good enough anymore, the internet is evolving at astronomical rate and so is the source of getting information...

In this special review, we will take a different view on what i consider elite fashion, the backstage pass to The London Fashion Week (The images source's vary in year), Let's Begin!

(House of Holland, Backstage Rehearsal) 

(Designer: Henry Holland)

Wow this guys amazing, the jacket is something out of a scifi-steam punk movie, and his hairstyle matches the Clich├ęs of his theme, including down to the sneaker shoes, this is a fashion statement at its best, very well done!

(Designer: Paul Smith)

Intimidating at first, but looks can be quite deceiving, in the end though, he's a very outgoing fella from the look of the image above, very nice mix..

He is using a power suit with a modern button down shirt, and some modern shades, timeless watch, overall its a perfect piece for his age, he's a man of power and this design fits him very well for his age...

(Designer: Julien Macdonald)

Interesting, this guy's pushing the social limits indeed, the belt looks a bit femine but makes up, with it the manly watch, and pulled up sleeve's, the shirt is custom made indeed, a loose denim fit, take notes, this guy know's his stuff very well...

 (Aminaka Wilmont Backstage)

Some of the Fashion's backbone at work, pay attention to the items there are wearing, they live and breathe fashion, and they know first what happens before it even hits the runways...

(Julien Macdonald Backstage)

 This hairstyle (The guy of-course) is a perfect example of what is Attractive & Stylish...

I'm impressed with the Modern Military hat the guy with stripes is wearing (correct me if im wrong) it really does stand out from the rest of the crowd of panama hats, now thats being unique!

(Vivienne Westwood Red Label Backstage)

Take clue's on the belt he's wearing, and the guy with the checkered patterned shirt, believe me, they know fashion...

Conclusion: Overall I'm impressed by the backbone of the people helping this show become a reality, while some designers aren't too eager to push the limits, the helpers are the ones trying out new idea's, who knows maybe the model's are the ones giving advice to the stylers, either way...each year something new comes up, and like what everybody says, you only live once, so make it count and dress to impress..